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Published: 12 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In November 2013 I had decided to move out of a life threatening situation. I went to U-Haul Storage in Brampton. I asked questions (many of them) and decided it would be a good place to store my belongings. While i was in the store I purchased a lock for the Unit and paid for the month of Novemeber and December 2013 in cash in the amount of $136.18 while there. Before leaving the city of Toronto I returned to to U-Haul Storage on East Drive in Brampton to leave a post dated Money order with them to pay the locker up to and including the month of April 2014 with the next payment due in May of 2014. I paid by Money Order in the amount of $272.36 which was to commence January 9 through to May 9 2014 at which time a new payment would be due on May 9, 2014. I called May 8, 2014 and spoke with Susan and told her my May payment would be late and I would send the May payment in June 2014 with the June payment along with the late fees for May. She said no problem! I asked if they would initiate an action to seize my property and she stated that I would receive a letter but that they don’t begin an acrtion of seizure unless someone is months late. On May 28, 2014 I received a letter of notice for late payment. On June 5th 2014 I received another letter stating that they were beginning the process of Lien. I called their office 23 times befor finally getting someone to speak with. I explained the situation and told them that I had just purchased a monty order on May 28, 2014 before receiving their registered letter which I received through email from a friend. I told U-Haul Christi that the Money order was for $190.00 which would cover the May payment along with late fee and June payment for June 9th, 2014 and extra to put toward July payment in the amount of $31.00. Christi told me they had not received payment and I could not understand why after such a long time frame for mailing.? I asked her if it was on someones desk and over looked or if it was mistakenly input to another account. She said she would look into it and get back to me. She didn’t! I called the following day and each day after encountering a number of different store reps who either put me on hold and did not return to the phone, hung up on me or tried to turn the tables and make the situation my fault. Finally on June 8, 2014 I called the store and I was crying, A girl named Natalisha (not sure of the spelling of her name took my desperate call…as I have some of my childrens belongings in their memories from childhood and documents from Italy family history that have sentimental value. I pleaded with her to look on the desk etc. and she put the phone down then returned and stated the Money Order was in fact there on the desk…I got her to read the serial number to me and I read it to her and it matched with the amount and she confirmed my written explanation on the back of it as well as the unit number and account it was to go to. I asked if she would in put it while we were speaking and she said she couldn’t that the person who does it was not in the store and would not return until the following day. I stated that she make sure that the payment be input and the account sert straight ans she assured me it would. Larter in June I received another letter stating I did not pay for jUne opr May and owed the outrageous late fees etc. I asked them if they were holding back mine and opther people’s mailed payments in order to claim late fees and they became upset! As my payment was not only on the desk in the store before payment due date but up until speaking with Natalisha there was denial of it’s existance! It was cashed on June 13, 2014. I called again and spoke with another agent by this time emotionally drained and was assured that the account was set straight and that the over payment/credit would be acknowledged. It wasn’t and they tried to absorb it with more late fees. When they understood I was on to them they gave me a $20.00 by email to apply when I wished. I called and asked if I may put the $20.00 certificate toward July’s payment. They said yes! On June 28,2014 I purchased another money order! in the amount of $48.09 I wrote on the back what month it was for and added the certificate number to apply the $20.00 certificate that would equal a total monthly payment of $68.09. I placed it in a pre stamped envelope and addressed it. I then thought perhaps I should spend an extra $12.00 and register it so that someone must sign for it to see what happens. These people either have balls, a judge in their pockets or just stupid! I sent the money Order through Canada Post and check on it the following week! sure enough the Money Order arrived early once again before payment due date on July 4, 2014 at 1:42 pm and was signed for! They are now making a claim that they have not received payment for May, June and July of 2014. I have with me the receipts and the postal validation of their receipt of payment. I am warning everyone who has lost their belongings due to late payment fees or is having issue now with the same thing that I believe this company is with holding customer payments on their desks to make it look like the customer is late…to collect extra in fees or they have an incompitant book keeper. No matter what way this goes I hope that a consumer advocate agency will read this and begin a full scale internal investigation of this company and their books along with tax revenue etc. The issue I have written about here has for the second time gone to a regional manager of the same company not out side for investigation. The last time this was done the manager wrote back to me in an email a sarcastic response disowning any error and wrong doing by the company…that’s like having government or police investigate themselves! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP !!!

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