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Published: 24 June 2019

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I pulled my own credit report in March and much to my disbelief, saw a 30 day late reporting to a credit card account I have had with US Bank since 2006 that is set up on automatic payments. I called the 800 number on my card and it was busy. I tried multiple times for days and the number still rang busy and did not put me through to a representative. I was growing impatient and stopped into a branch. On May 8, 2014, I spoke to a teller who had no idea what was going on. I spoke with a personal banker who pulled my account up and said “Yes, we’re seeing a 30 day late payment but I do not know the date.” I said “According to my credit report, it’s from January 2014.” He said “I’m looking at January 2014 statement and I don’t see any late fees or any indication that you were late.” He called the internal number for credit services TWICE and called in a reinforcement, another personal banker. Three hours and several US Bank representatives later, it was decided that the 30 day late was being reported over a banking error. In late December, US Bank incorrectly drafted my entire statement balance. I requested a payment reversal because that should not have happened. Upon reversing the payment, a portion ($7 to be exact) of my minimum payment was also reversed. January’s statement incorrectly showed a zero balance (but mind you, no indication of a late payment). I was told to write a letter stating what happened, which I did, and the US Bank representative faxed it to the credit department and it was supposed to be fixed through the credit bureaus within 30 days, is what I was told. Nothing happened. In mid-June I went to the main branch in downtown Omaha, hoping to have better luck. I was simply told to give it a few more days because yes it was faxed to US Bank, but they would have mailed it snail mail. I gave it more time and in the mean time was able to clean up my credit from US Bank’s damage enough to get pre approved for a mortgage, the goal that started this all. In early July, the lender said that it would greatly help my cause if I could get US Bank to put it in writing that this was in the process of being corrected. I again stopped into a branch. The personal banker that I dealt with said “I can’t do that but I will call the credit department.” Of course, they wouldn’t. I asked for a manager’s email or phone number for credit services and I was told by the personal banker that she could not give me that information. When a customer cannot contact a manager over an error, there is something really wrong so I went to the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint. US Bank was given 10 days to respond to my complaint and has not. It is after 8pm on Friday June 11, 2014. Since Sunday June 13 is the “deadline” I can’t imagine I will hear from them, which seems to be their method of dealing with complaint. I just want to warn everyone do not have a line of credit with these people. They have screwed me on interest and made it EXTREMELY difficult to get a home mortgage because they simply will not acknowledge and correct the error that they screwed up. Because they screwed me over with my finances for the next seven years and fail to act, I will be as public as I can until the day this error on my report is corrected, whether that be June 14, 2014, or June 14, 2021. Good luck, US Bank, because I am not going anywhere and I promise you I will be a thorn in your side and a consumer advocate by warning people against using your services no matter how desperate a place they find themselves in. No matter how bad that place, it can’t be as bad as working with your s***** bank.

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