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Published: 07 October 2019

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April 1st 2014 began major issues with US Bank and its consituents. Two fees promised to be resolved and reversed as per a resolution specialist of US Bank did not happen amounting to $72 todate. April 3, 2014 branch office banker transacted 3rd party cash deposit ( a sizeable sum) into a cash withdraw debit against my account. I was not aware of this due to direct deposits and cash advances added into account at the same time or it would have immediately overdrawn my account for the amount transacted; instead it got covered up and not discovered until September 24, 2014 as per bank statement which revealed copy of withdraw slip (no withdraw signature) Just a few days forward I was in overdraft status not knowing what had happened. So many challenges and issues going on the same time but the overdraft grew in amount due to missing deposit, funds withdrawn by US Banker plus fees added on going. I did everything I could to cover the amount of overdraft of almost $900 but situation basically put me out into the street having to borrow and borrow to remain in hotels, not knowing I had been “scammed” by US Bank. My mail went to L A address and therefore was not even able to view incoming bank statements which took months for me to be able to retrieve. I had no funds to cover remaining $242.00 and knew something was wrong but could not figure it out. I became very ill for over two weeks and had to put all else on hold. Two sets of documents were fed-xed from branch office to corporate Minnesota and todate claim never received. Faxed at least 27 pages of documentation to corporate level CCU but very little transpired; only asked me for additional letter from vendor who was on vacation and refused to be bothered in sending a second one for verification. I never got the bank fees reversed and on top of that the deposit not credited, only debited. Discovered huge wrongful transaction after reviewing older bank statement September 24, 2014 immediately reporting it to US Bank Branch Office; fraud liason department instructed me to file a police report and that situation took me 4 days to accomplish due to much mis-information from US Banking agents. They ran me ragged. Finally got the paperwork completed, went back to transacting branch office and it was interbranched and faxed to corporate level and it has been a huge case of denial on US Banks part ever since with twisted facts and even outrageous lies in letter form as well as verbal. They told me a provisional credit would be applied for the withdraw which never happened and the branch office was to provide provisional credit for deposit but I was denied no matter how many times I asked via instructions from fraud liasson themselves. Even their own disclosures revealed the provisional entitlement since it was taking US Bank over 10 days to complete investigation which they never even sent me a letter on, not until I was at wits end reporting them and filing claims through FTC Consumer Protection Bureau. However, the response was still full of holes and denials of the facts. They did everything to circumvent the facts and denied my claim for return of funds and fees not to forget the unsurmountable levels of stress, costs and punitive damages. Put the account into charge off status after I closed the account myself to avoid further fees on May 30, 2014 of which even that they deny. US Bank states in their letter I did not voluntarily close the account myself. Absolute denial and outrageous lie again. I have the transaction proof sheet and they did not charge off/close the account until June 19th 2014 of which they added another $30 charge for bringing total to $273. They also lied about what the camera tape showed at transacting branch office; claimed it was me making the bank transaction with dark sunglasses but was able to identify me. Yet I had receipts showing I was in the next town over of Ventura at hotels with paid receipts same time of day 3rd party made deposit. I also have deposit copy slips that show it was the same person making other previous cash deposits. Proof that it was not even my handwriting on the withdraw slip and I was not at that branch office; they did not even know me until I filed the police report and forms for investigation. The account went into recovery collections after June 19th 2014 and I continued all communications; recovery offered me a reduced deal; I refused. As of October 14, 2014 United Recovery Collections closed the discharged account and sent it back to US Bank after receiving numerous letters from me; yet I remained in Chex Systems all along. Recently after sending several letters and documentation of proof to Chex Systems they did an investigation and sent me a verification letter of being removed from Chex Systems January 27, 2015. But only a week later, I discovered US Bank renewed my bank account back into Chex Systems unjustifyingly and this again has caused me many set backs and blocks to move forward in my struggling life and finances. I did, however, provide a letter of dispute with Chex Systems to be place with my file. The battle rages on. The war is not over. I have every intention at this point to keep working with FTC Consumer Protection Bureau and legal law suit against US Bank. I have suffered unbearably from US Bank scandulous actions, denials and accusations but I will move forward in proceeding of legal actions as necessary which I should have done long ago; I gave them every chance, every benefit of the doubt in resolving the issues fairly and over-tolerantly in terms of time. I can wait no longer and wlll pursue every course of action necessary.

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