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Published: 11 October 2019

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My name is Moneshia Woodard I am the owner of Unique Beauty LLC I have owned and operated this business since October of 2012. I sell various products I am an independent distributor with It Works Global (www.uniquebeauty.myitworks.com) and sell a variety of products from weight loss wraps to organic weight loss shakes. I as well sell corsets and offer waist training classes in my store front located on 3106 W Thomas Rd Suite 1108 Phoenix AZ 85017 (www.uniquebeautyllc.com). I as well sale hair extensions as well I have a hairstylist on location who installs the extension and styles hair. I have had an account open with Wells Fargo bank since 2008 and have had a business account opened under Unique Beauty LLC since late 2012. I would say early 2013 Victor Rivera contacted my bank specialist Wendy Romero who I know very well and have had a great relationship with, about me opening an account with First Data Merchant services. I at the time didn’t have a merchant account and really wasn’t interested in getting one, due to the fact that I hear of a lot of people having issues and problems with them. But after a few months in May I contacted Victor and decided to open the account, he came back with an instant approval. I have been using the account since May 2nd 2012 and have been using it weekly to daily. On Wednesday April 23, 2014 my distributor William Buford came into my store around 730 in the morning and picked up some products like he’s been doing for several months now. He purchased 2000.00 worth of products which included 50 (60.00 each) body wraps several cases of defining gel (45.00) and some face products and other miscellaneous products. All which equaled up to $3500.00 he wasn’t able to put the entire amount on his card in one day so he did 2 separate transactions one debit and one credit he did the credit $2000.00 transaction on Wednesday morning and the $1500.00 debit transaction on Thursday. Normally funds are deposited into my account the following day after the funds have been batched out of the machine. I noticed that as of Thursday the funds didn’t batch into my account when I called to check on the issue the girl I spoke with said that they were a little behind of batches and that my funds should be in my account on Friday morning. Which wasn’t the case when I noticed the funds didn’t go into my account Friday morning I called the 1800 number again and this time they transferred me to a lady named Maricar in the risk department. She stated that the last 2 transactions that I had done were a risk to the merchant company. And that all they wanted was the receipt that the customer signed for the credit transaction. I told her no problem that I would send her all that she needed. Which I did, I sent her copies of the receipt as well as the customer/my distributor name address and phone number. I called her several times that Friday afternoon after sending her the email. Never received a response, I then contacted Victor and Wendy at Wells Fargo Bank and he called First Data Merchant service which is the company he is employed by. We were on hold waiting for a reason on why they were treating me the way they were. When I have been with this company for a year and have never had any disputes chargebacks or any other issues. We were hung up on. Victor then stated that he had a meeting and had to hang up the phone, but told me to inform him on what went on and that they have no reason to hold my funds nor to do anything to my account because I have done nothing wrong.

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