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Published: 13 January 2018

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UKC United Kennel Club FRAUDS AKC on HBO NEWS April 2014! Real Sports on AKC bred dogs aired on HBO 04/23/2014! Wayne R. Cavanaugh in particular attacked the AKC on origination and placing UKC United Kennel Club in a highly positive light! Wayne Cavanaugh’s whole interview was a spin especially when considering the facts that Wayne Cavanaugh of the UKC left out! Being that Wayne Cavanaugh is not only the president of the UKC United Kennel Club but also a part owner who makes a profit of every UKC dog registration! We will return back to the UKC/United Kennel Club in a moment. Wayne Cavanaugh president/owner of the UKC & HBO’s news attack was on AKC pure bred dogs and responsible dog breeders of all breeds & AKC/THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB as a whole organization. HBO’s argument being fed by extremist that claim high quality and health can’t coexist in the same dog breed is just ludicrous. The HBO’s Real Sports piece on purebred dogs and AKC/THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB was a sham. AKC is an non-profit organization made up of member clubs who actively take part in legislation and donates millions of dollars to organizations in connection with research for finding cures for many health issues that plague the canine species! The UKC / United Kennel Club is not a non-profit organization but more of an unethical business. Essentially UKC dog registration papers are not worth the paper the are written on. The UKC will register anything without checking the status! For example we have seen people copy dog pedigrees off of the internet for say an AKC collie dog & just change the breed and register it with the UKC as a poodle! The UKC has no way of checking accuracy of pure bred dog registrations because they are not considered to be a REALLY legitimate dog registry. Consider real dog registries like AKC, CKC(Canada), FCI (all countries around the world), KC(England). None of these real pure bred dog registries will touch a UKC registration for acceptance with a 50 foot pole! Why for a good reason! The UKC is a marketing scam not a true registration. In addition the UKC United Kennel Club and its owner members Wayne Cavanaugh and Mark Threlfall have a long history of dishonorable representations as shown in this article. First off UKC is a BUSINESS not a true dog registration. It is simply for the purpose of for making money. The UKC registration papers are not worth the paper they are printed on. The UKC presidents Wayne Cavanaugh and Mark Threlfall have a long history of backing out of contracts & agreements made with their own club members. UKC United Kennel Club constantly misrepresents its self clamming to be much more than they truly are. UKC has been known to hold money people sent in for dog registrations without returning the funds or sending registration papers! The UKC has also been known to hold back the names/or last names of the UKC representatives with which their customers are dealing with while the UKC is having less than ethical dealings with the customers. Not to mention that UKC has allowed multiple new mix breeds recognition just to make money from them as these breeds have no credentials to be an individual breed at this time. The list goes on & on but simply put the UKC United Kennel Club is an unreputatble fraudulent business. Any breeder using the UKC to register their dogs when reputable real dog registration clubs are an option just makes their own reputation look poor! Please report any complaint or fraud from the UKC! .

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