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Published: 15 July 2019

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This is an example of employees hiding behind corporate power, and ausing their prvileged position abusing on massive scale the unsuspecting customers. UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. is an international courier which handles in house the US CUSTOM duties, for UPS under the contract with US Government. UPS engages in unfair, deceptive and predatory business practices in an attemopt to extort the funds from customers. To lure the customers with lower international shipping fees UPS doesn’t disclose any where including their website that packages sent through their services will require the paid for custom clearance service. Consequently to clear the international packege you MUST open a brokerage account with UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. for what you are being charged $ 149.00. UPS nowwher disloses that the US Custom fees are assessed by their internal in House UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. brokerage for additional and exhuberant fees first requiring to buy a membership with UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. In addition they will assess the charges od $ 175.00 per hour for their employee to handle the custom related issues which mifght arrise. I received from overseas the fully paid for package and the courier handled me a hand written notice on a yellow UPS paper demanding additional $ 670 for alleged C.O.D fees without any explanation what it is for. After spending numerous hours by an employee I put in charge for we found out that this is the Custom duty. The law requires that the documentation incliuding the landing bill will be provided, all I got was a hand written in a pencil amount of required payment on a yellow UPS stationairy. UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. casualy negligently assess the US custom duties fees which should be in compliance with US HTS tarrifs. Further after payment for , with consequent stop payment, several months later I received a threatenenig collection notice for an unpaidy US Custom fees, which I did not approved, and I requested a correct bill with all back up documents as required by the law (landing bill, and US custom items assesment codes). Without my permission or authorisation UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. improperly send the “private” emails to a corporate business account which is available for the review by several employees. That way UPS engaged in a practice of LIBEL and SLANDER, as the employees were looking at me as at someone who comitted a major crime. UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. also sent me an email with the CONFIDENTIAL proposed outrageous fees schedule for their services for my approval, assuring that should I disclose them to any third party the legal action againt me will be taken. I spent over 140 hours on an investigation, phone calls, writing the letters and visit to nearest US custom office at amount over $ 8,500 to find out what the C.O.D it is for as no one contacted by phone within their organisation could even find out. Consequently I was able to guess that those could be some undislosed custom fees, and in addition after confirming it I found that the custom fees were improperly assessed at wrong US HTS tarrifs. The mechanism of professinal incompetence starts from improper assignment of wrong Harmonized Tarrif Schedule by UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.. When verified the Harmonised US HTS Tarrifs and finding that they are incorrect, consequently making a complaint it takes ages to get any response from the employees of UPS or UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.. Dealing with UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. employees one have an impression that is dealing with mentally challanged handicapped people! What I found later that I have been charged by UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. for the quantity of (2) items despite that a single quantity was clearly disclosed on the invoice. Further instead of in compliance with US HUT tarrifs being assesed 3.5% I have been charges 11.5 % for the item. After over a Year strugle and hand wrestling the custom fees vere reduced to $ 144.00 (from original $ 670). I have billed UPS for $ 8.500 with the detailed explanation of all charges for my employee time, while UPS never responded to any of my invoices. Very few customers if ever verify if the US tarrifs code is correct, in compliance with Harmoised Tarrifs Schedule, many have no access to it, and usually as demanded pays the excessive US Custom duties as billed by the courier. The law requires the couriers to provide the proper documentation including thye ENTRY BILL, and all supporting documents as listed. Such are rarely, if ever provided with the US Custom Tarrifs assessment by in UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. employees working as in house US Custom brokers. I do believe that this is a negligence on a huge scale from which UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. under the contract with US Customs makes illegal windfall profits, so they always bill the custom fees at maximum possible rate. That way we are paying the excessive US tarriffs, and while under the US Government contract I belive for the flat fees UPS $ UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. retain any extra fees as their profit. UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. believes that customers should pay for this service despite that is consequent ONLY toUPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. error, chargin an hourly rate of $ 175.00 per hour to assist customers with their claims. There is no employee within UPS, and UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. who would be worth such an hourly rate. No customer shall ever be forced to pay for any wrong qualification and tarrifs assessment. Customers are waisting only their precious time in dealing with UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., unable to deveote their precious time to busines activities. Consequently UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. charges and bills the customers for this service and is threatening to report to collection agency the deliquency in a clear attempt to destroy customers credit. Because UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. is a huge company the employees of UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. they belive that they can engage in a predatory service to harrass the customer and to extort the improper US Customs tarrifs and compound on top mof it any additional charges for correcting their incompetent employees errors. I am looking for the UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. customers who encountered this massive fraud on part of UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. , with an intention to proceed with the Class Action lawsuit (we need 5 people to file the class action lawsuit). I am also looking for class action top gun attorneys who would handle this case, including the unpaid reimbursement for charges as billed by assigned to handle this issue employee.

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