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Published: 30 June 2019

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Working for the society has a distinct passion and ardor; which either calls up to volunteering or consigning ourselves to ensure prosperity for the human race. Social welfare does account as no or less burden to the people, yet some specifics require the proper resources. The government usually does not support such social experimentations and well-being monetarily, but it emphasizes on setting it up privately. Hence, certain exercises come at a cost, and to execute these exercises properly, it requires dedicated manpower. I had been among that dedicated staff and a zealous citizen when it came to helping people out. With a certain background story for the occupation that I counted myself in (which won’t be certainly discussed here, laughs) I have been part of rehab for quite a time now. 

Rehabilitation, for me, was a special affair when I first got into an introduction with it. My point of view with rehabilitation and countering addicts and their miserable lives was predominantly in support of setting up more centers and serving people who have been victimized over a certain addiction and inclination in their lives that had driven them towards debacle. We people aren’t aware of the bigger pictures that are potentially happening behind the stage of ‘great initiatives’. This is the circle of life here at the Earth, sadly. Businesses run under the name of ‘social welfare’ in this century. It isn’t a difficult concept to bear regarding running businesses that they take their time setting their foot on the ground. The natives of Earth are smart and clever, undoubtedly, in figuring shortcuts to salvation and self-amelioration. That is what led them to discover the equation of targeting victims for getting the best money out under the name of services. Rehabilitation sadly had been nonetheless the same as the rest of ‘social welfare’ businesses that are running and thriving, here in the United States and the world beyond it. 

Urban Recovery is a recovery center that was settled up in the heart of the city of Brooklyn, New York. This, like the rest of the centers, came with the motive of setting up a system that would help people recover from their addictions and bring control in their lives. It sounds like a haven for people who are in trouble, which every center should be like. But our society has just made rehab and rehab centers a joke in terms of helping people. I, unfortunately, was a part of this joke for quite a long time now. At first, I had been volunteering at a lot of places because it made me feel better. My impulse of writing this article has nothing to do with my feelings hence we should talk more about what convictions these centers have been practicing. 

It is a common concept of the market that two pillars help the edifice of a business stand soaring. The first is the consumers that stand conspicuous in every regard. This market has potentially forgotten the imperative nature of the second pillar who is the ‘employees’ of the business. Keeping the customer happy is the goal of most of our administration lately but they have abandoned the fact that the employees are also an influential colonnade of a prosperous and thriving business.

Whilst understanding the caliber of the employment sector in the market, we shift our focus onto the place that I’ve worked in lately and have figured out that these centers have been focusing more on money and expansion rather than keeping the social benefit their priority. I worked a full-time job in Urban Recovery and I shall unfold the bitter secrets that are hidden within the folds of social welfare. 


A Very “Exciting” Place to Work

 If anyone of you ever feels the need to visit Urban Recovery or get a chance to work there, I’d assure you that you will get to meet with the Director of Hiring there at Urban Recovery who’d welcome you with open arms and make you a promise. They’d promise you an exciting place to work. The promises would stretch long making you feel that you have come to the very right place that would make you satisfied with your life in every way. (Staying in Brooklyn, NY is rather an unsatisfied experience hence these words would seem to be much exaggerated) It feels to you as if they are desperate to take you in. As soon as you get to be a part of this place, the excitement flushes away. Even though most of us who get to become part of such rehab centers find our thrill among the people who are there for recovery, there still is a part of us that wants the place to be equally thrilling and provocative for us. Urban Recovery is not even close to being appealing. They might seem to be excited to sign you up for their program but that excitement won’t last on their faces. The administration has no intention to keep up their promises that they usually quote to people like us to join them. We merely are some pawn to their work; as it always had been with most of the businesses. I would quote more facts about Urban Recovery further showing their dishonesty for the people they hire for ‘their’ work.


Getting your position scheduled – A difficult task here at Urban Recovery

Urban Recovery was a new setup at Brooklyn that has set its foot into town a few years ago. We might neglect their administrative issues for a while when we think of them as amateurs in the market. This specific point requires better observation with a broadened mind. Having such structures assembled in the market requires very strong administrative skills as considering the motive that is to be fondled amongst their hands is very delicate. The delicacy needs to be handled with expertise from the very first day. This, if mishandled, can damage the foundations of the business badly. This cerebration made me feel foolish over neglecting their administrative issues. The staff is filled with empty practices over all the system which shows a very neglected and decayed administration of Urban Recovery. Having an unorganized staff means having an unorganized employee staff. A very simple yet strenuous task for our administration here at Urban Recovery is tackled that goes under the name of “scheduling”. The supervisors are unable to make conscious decisions that are meant to undertake the business and keep it in good motion. 



 Scheduling seems to be a very tough term when it is encountered as a language. Different appointments are being a nurse or a person withholding a service position that is scheduled at a different time for the employee staff by the administration above us. It certainly seems a very easy job scheduling the right time for us and the patients that are to be looked after by us or who are to be provided certain important services that are promised in the package. Yet this very thing made me get kicked out of work. For a moment, I was just as shocked and perplexed as any person reading this might be. It seemed to be intentional by the administration but I stood victim for being accused of nothing. The schedules that were appointed to us were canceled at the very spot or changed at the last minute. I never dreamt of leaving any appointment or service provision unnoticed. Yet it became a continuous avocation of the mighty organized administration to cancel or postpone our schedules. Eventually, I along with several other employees was restricted from full-time to one day per week. We were satisfied with this point that we aren’t set to be arraigned for any provocation or any mistake that primarily is because of our worthy administration. 



Urban Recovery is one dishonest rehab center that would be doing the same to the patients there as we have been frequently treated by their administration. The matter under discussion is about the employees that were being rescheduled time and time again. Eventually I among many other victims who never raised their voices against them for stealing their breadwinner got a letter. This was a without notice position elimination letter where we were ‘being’ fired for being absent most of our working days. According to the accusing party, we were not fulfilling our promise of a full-time job. If it is the question of promises, I might not have left anyone promise that hadn’t been fulfilled by Urban Recovery. Despite this, we were the ones who had to suffer the consequences that were undoubtedly their creation and exacerbation.


A “Self-Pay” Rehab Clinic

The terminology of self-pay seems to be pretty exaggerating when it comes to discussing rehab clinics and centers that are known for their overvalued services. Thousands of dollars are drained out from the victim families under the name of 30 or 45-day recovery programs. Urban Recovery came out to be overwhelmingly contending in the name of money but it always was the question. This company hadn’t been honest with their employees. There certainly is something wrong about the self-pay agenda too. It has been taken from an excerpt when the founders of this recovery center had exclaimed to charge their clients about $50,000. 

Not so self-pay, we might say. Insurance is a part of almost every other rehab center with what the client gets to pay lesser than the expected cost of different programs. Similar was the case with Urban Recovery, it was like everyone else; acquisitive and hoarders. The company had set new grounds of dishonesty, just as we have particularly seen many different rehab clinics present on the outskirts of mountains or the suburbs. Urban Recovery was unable to make any drastic step in the rehab industry, as we might say it now. Every statement of setting new grounds in the system wasn’t even part of their philosophy on their basic site. This can be seen in the extracts below. 



Rehabilitation is an important part of the market for now considering how it has been overseeing our loved ones who are troubled into some addiction. The society considers rehab as the last resort to save their loved ones from fatality. Yet, we need to observe the bigger and brighter side of the picture involving rehab centers just like the Urban Recovery. We need to understand the fact that the glittering picture of rehab isn’t valuable like gold to everyone. They have unfortunately turned out ferocious more than expected; it made the situation tougher than ever. Hence it comes as our duty being a citizen of the city to help people understand the stolid situation that is present within the systems of rehabilitation. Moreover, considering the problems that have been discussed in the article about Urban Recovery comes with quite a discussion. Such centers should consider their problems with the administration and have to act together and get honest with themselves at first. Getting honest will make them get honest with their employees too which would make them not move towards any case as they have been victimizing a dozen of their employees under the name of tardiness. When it was proven substantially that the only party to be accused of this tardiness was the administration themselves. Hence the system needs to be more promising so that it can turn into heaven for people who work there and people who are to be admitted there. It won’t take a lot of time for the society to throw them out of the drill as any negatively approached business is eventually disposed of from the system. This is what shall be the fate of Urban Recovery if they don’t keep their promises just as the Director of Hiring had been promising its employees when he intended to have them in for their intentions. 



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