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Published: 08 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

OMG, it was funny as heck. I recieved a call from this number (206)201-2800, saying I was selected to receive $9500 Dollars. Then the guy starts his spiel, so I go along at least for now. The guy asks my name, of course I gave him a phony first & last name (after all he’s cold calling me). but anyways, I listen to his crap for a bit, then he goes on to start saying OK Mr. So&So, “I’ve checked your name on the list and I see that you are eligable to receive a grant of $9500.00”, I’m thinking to myself BullSh, “Oh Mr. Robert I see you’re a law abiding, tax paying US citizen (I know he’s lying Bcuz I gave him a PHONY NAME) LOL. So he proceeds to ask me “you work very hard for your money and pay your taxes and we wanna give you some of that back”, oh by the way Mr Robert, what do you do, I says well “I’m happy that you asked, I work for the Fed Gov”, specifically the Federal Bureau Of Investigation and what is your name, who do you work for, oh BTW I see you”re calling from 206-201-2800, is that correct, he says yes, OK let me put you on hold for a few minutes (whats good for goose is good for the gander), so I pop back over and tell him I have to check you out with my manager at the next level up in the FBI, I put him on hold again, by now he’s getting nervous and hangs up, AHHH not so fast buddy, after all you busted into my TV time, now ya gotta pay LOL, so I calls the number back, the same guy answers and is about to start the same line of crap, then I hit him with some of mine, I says very loudly “Hey George hurry I need you to start an immediate trace for me”, the guy hangs up, I call back again, same guy again, I pretend I’m having a whispering side discussion with the infamous imaginary George about starting the trace quickly, the guy hangs up again, so I call him back again, now he’s not answering no matter how many times I’ve called, last count was 8 times, phone just rings till operator comes on and says the number is Unreachable… Ah ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa LMAO, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT THIS GUY THAT WANTED SO BADLY TO GIVE ME $9500.00 WILL NOT ANSWER HIS PHONE. I am Sooooo hurt “Boo-Hoo-Hoo”. I’m willing to bet he tossed that TRAK phone away and is now trying to figure out if it is safe to by another… And my good freinds “THAT IS HOW YOU HANDLE A SCAMMER”, I’m pretty sure I won’t be hearing from that guy anymore, and I’ll not be lucky enough to be put on the Sucker List. Feel free to use this one folks “IT WORKS”

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