Utah Trikes

What a sad experience from Utah trikes my best friend had!

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Published: 31 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It took him more than 3 months for him to open up and let me know about them especially about his experience with them some months ago. He never liked talking about it because they annoyed him. By then he needed a two-wheel-drive differential rear end. He was introduced to Utah trikes by his Uncle who actually ranked it to be the best hence he highly recommended them to him. He really trusted his Uncle thus had no doubts about Utah Trikes. He decided to give them a shot, a week later he went there to make inquiries about the two-wheel-drive positraction differential rear end and asked for the price, means of delivery, warranty, etc. The staff he found there were not that customer-oriented and this was evident on how they welcomed him there. There were about three staffs on the customer care desk who pretended to be so busy with their handsets browsing, you can’t believe they did not even make eye contact with him while he talked to them. This was very unpleasant to him because he had expected otherwise. At first, he assumed that they were really busy doing something constructive only to realize they were playing an online game which took away all their attention and could not serve him as expected. Due to his assumption, he decided to have a seat in the waiting area and waited to be attended to. Surprisingly, he sat there for quite a while waiting for their assistance, unfortunately, none of the staffs bothered about his presence. Finally, he was tired of waiting and decided to go approach them humbly if they could spare some couple of minutes and listen to him since he had other issues pending and already he had wasted his time there while waiting. One of them reluctantly responded to him though he perceived the staff to be rude like he had been disturbed while doing something so important. All in all, my friend had to ask about the differential rear because he had an urgent engagement. He requested to be shown all the available products that were present there so that he could make his own choice, of which they did. Luckily enough he saw the one he wanted hence inquired about the price which was relatively high according to him because he had once purchased the same item at a lower price in another store. He tried to negotiate about lowering the price just a little but they declined, so he had to make the payments unwillingly. After making the payment he left the store since he had stayed there for long. They agreed before leaving the item which was to be delivered immediately after 24 hours strictly, unfortunately, that was not the case. The duration that they had agreed exhausted and he never received his item. He got worried so he contacted the head office about the same, a staff picked the call and sounded to be very harsh claiming that such an order had not been made. He had to go there again to show them the receipt they had issued after payment. He incurred an extra cost which he had not budgeted for. Though the goods were finally delivered, they were so late and he had to miss the engagement he had, this was so disappointing to him. I highly don’t recommend Utah Trikes at all, kindly note this while making your decision in future, otherwise be warned.

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