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Published: 11 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In May of 2014 my husband and I dicided to purchase a home after renting for 4 years. We narrowed our search down and decided to use Vandyk Mortgage. The process began as normal but quickly began to fall apart at a rapid pace. We were told we looked good as we were going to go VA since my husband is a disabled vet from the Marine Corp. We provided all the documents as requested very quickly. We had a real estate agent working for us and things seem to be moving forward. We began with Steve Litwin and then we ended up with Mark Stabile. At first he was great on top of things keeping us in the loop. After about two weeks with Mark and a month into the loan application when things went down very fast. We had made a committment to be out of our rental home by August 18th 2014. We were in July and began not being to get into contact with Mark. Our communication with Vandyk Mortgage especially Mark went from 4 days a week to if we were lucky once a week and sometime nothing at all during a week to almost 2 weeks. We had tried to shoot for a July 9th closing at that time would be 2 months for the loan process. July 9th came and went so we extended to July 22nd. Well that date came and went with very little contact and information from Mark other than it is in underwriting. After the two dates have passed we tried many times to get Mark on the phone which was unsuccessful. No phone call returned and lucky if we had an email returned during a week. This left us no choice but to contact upper management. This was unsuccessful as well. We were told by upper management we were denied which was news to us and we were told when we did talk to Mark things were going great. After weeks have gone by the seller did not extend the contract until the loan was approved and ready to go which left us in a big mess. We had to move out of the rental home and into a hotel. We stressed the importance of moving the loan forward and getting us closed as it had been 4 months into the loan process and for 2 months all we were getting was it was in underwriting. We were constantly getting phones calls and a few emails on needing something more in order for underwriting to approve. We would quickly provide what they needed but after many of these we realized we were not getting any where with this mortgage company. We moved into a hotel on August 18th with three children and 2 cats. We had to board our dogs during this time period. After a few more weeks and a month in the hotel we withdrew our loan with Vandyk. Ironically two weeks after we withdrew we received a letter from Vandyk Mortgage stating we were denied for the loan these scum bags made it look like we were at fault even though we have the email to Mark two weeks prior to stating we were done due to the incompetance of the mortgage company and the unprofressionalism of the loan officers. This is where things starting to be revealed. We could not figure out why the seller was so angry and wanted to sue us for defaulting on the contract. We assured the seller that it was not us but infact the mortgage company. He agreed to start a new contract as long as we had a new mortgage company which we did. What Vandyk could not do in a 5 month period our new company did in 3.5 weeks from start to finish. After further review the seller forwarded my husband and I many emails from Vandyk Mortgage to the selling agent representing the seller, who then forwarded the information straight to the seller. We did not give anyone permission including our real estate agent permission to contact the mortgage company. However these companies took it upon themselves to contact our mortgage company who in turned gave confidential information about our loan to the selling agent and seller without our knowledge. The bad part of all of this is that half of the information which was strictly confidential was inaccurate and false! This is why the seller pulled out and left him very angry. By the end of this my family was in a hotel for 2 months with more than 8000.00 of out of pocket expenses due to this situation. We tried to work with James Beebe and all he did was insult us and use the fact he was an attorney and states in his opinion his company did nothing wrong even though we signed the confidentiality agreement and we gave no one written permission to give any information out. So Vandyk Mortgage and Mark Stabile, Steve Litwin and James Beebe are very unprofessional and scam artist. These folks should not be allowed to do mortgages and in my opinion Mr. Beebe should not be allowed to practice law. We will be filing a lawsuit against Vandyk Mortgage along with filing a greivance against Mr. Beebe as well. Anyone who wishes to use Vandyk Mortgage and would incourage not to as the chance of all of your information about your life and anything that has to do with the loan has a very high chance that it will get into other peoples hands through these folks. They should be very ashamed of what they did and what mess it left us in. .

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