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Published: 17 July 2019

Posted by: Juneen

“we are from philippines victory christian fellowship under morning star international, why are we require to pay for 400 pesos/head for attending church convergence? And on the day of registration is 500 pesos/head not including the 200 pesos fee for each child/head. Do you know that salary fo a person here is minimum of 230 pesos per day in provincial rate and if you are bless it is 280 for a manila rate. A friend of mine is attending the ccf and whenever they have convergence they are not require to pay for it whether in ultra or in araneta coliseum. We are a big big church. Why do we have to give a large percentage of our money to phil bonasso or rice brooks who is in the u.S.? The rate of the money is $1=57 pesos. Why can”t phil bonasso and rice brooks send us the money instead of the other way around. Why doesn”t morning star international (or should I call it every nation church) and victory christian fellowship shows any account to where the money was spent? 10 years ago they show us where the money goes why not now? Especially during crisis period. Ccf is exactly like ours and yet their church office are able to pay for the place. Why can”t victory christian fellowship afford to pay for the place? We send money to missionaries etc etc. But the biggest question is why do we have to give a huge amount of money to phil bonasso and rice brooks? What is the purpose? Are they a tax collector of victory christian fellowship philippines? American chruch can support themselves you know? Unlike philippines, we have to struggle 57x. Remember we earn $5 dollar for 10 hours work a day. While american people earn $5 dollar for 1 hour of work. Why does they call it every nation church when it is actually every nation should give to phil bonasso and rice brooks”s church. I wish there is a victory christian fellowship pastor who can explain all these. I support the vcf pastor until now, I heard a person from u.S. A. Gave $300 for the pastor here in the philippines thru phil bonasso”s every nation church in u.S. A.? But guess what? The pastor here never get to receive the money and the other person who gave question the church in the u.S. And what happen they were ignored. What happen to the money phil bonasso? Rice brook? Philippine pastor here try to make their ends meet to payr for their rent and foods for their family. Phil bonasso have a big big house in the u.S. Where does he gets the money to pay for that? Where does he get the money to pay for all his luxurious vacation? While the philippine pastors here are suffering? Some are businessmen here and they”prophesied that they should be a full time pastor”. Why?? So that phil and rice can control them? Ask the congregation to give and give and give money to them? What will happen to the children of the pastor? I know one pastor have to stop his child from schooling because the pastor cannot afford to send all 3 to school but only 2. How about phil and rice? They can still afford to go to luxurious vacations, these pastor in the philippines are earning so little and yet they are required to give to phil and rice. Do you know how much they charge for the pastors children to attend their own school victory christian school? 40, 000-45, 000 per child. Can they not take care it for free? It is like they cannot take care of their own. I wish that we break away from”every nation church”formerly morning star international and be on our own victory christian fellowship. Our church is rich on our own. We do not need “every nation church!”” Copied and pasted from:

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