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Published: 31 May 2018

Posted by: anki4008

I am an ex employee of this cheating company running by crooks. I want everyone to be aware of this cheating consultancy who scams hard earned money of innocents. Din/pan name begin date end date [protected] deepti saxena 06/12/2013 – [protected] manish aroda 06/12/2013 – All professionals and candidates who are looking for job overseas or placements outside india, beware, i will say again beware of this absolute fraud consultancy, because this company is headed by a bunch of people who are themselves fugitives and cheaters. Guess who is writing this complaint on the forum, i am an ex-employee of this company and have worked with them and i know them inside out, i want to confess that i myself was part of their fraud sales team but now i want each and every individual to know the truth of this consultancy so that no more they can fool common people and make money out of them. I will disclose their best kept secrets so that people understand their strategy. I will tell you all step by step 1. Lets talk about job overseas placements, the truth is this consultancy has absolutely zero contacts with the companies or recruiters abroad They pick your resume randomly from naukri websites such as, times, monster and give you a call that your resume has got shortlisted for jobs aboard and they have openings related to your profile, but the fact is neither your resume has got shortlisted nor they have openings abroad, if you will ask them to give details about the company in which they will be placing you, they will have no answer and would say that company is confidential, if you ask which designation and profile you are recruiting for, they will say it is related to yours. Firstly, the process for obtaining pr was not explained clearly by diana cooper. Inspite of informing my complete profile, i was not guided properly as my wife, who has a computer science background and experience in it, would have been an ideal candidate for application with me as add-on. This move would have saved us crucial time as well as filling up of the rpl was very time consuming. Shockingly my case manager at the time of filling my assessment wth acs ms deepti kaur did not review my documents. When i realized that there were multiple people involved, with no one having a complete idea of what was happening with my case. I tried to get a complete picture through a conference call ashwani, neeraj, kapil arora, deepti ) but that clearly showed how unorganized visasavenue functions as the employees started blaming each other in call for not reviewing the documents before filling for assessment. The only solution offered to me was to be patient until the acs completes its assessment. I was asked to file under the business analyst (With an annual quota of 1800) category but acs replied back that my qualification and experience is more suited towards system administrator (With an annual quota of 2400). This clearly shows that visasavenue failed in rendering their services. Even the simple thing like interpreting the result from acs was done incorrectly by ms navneet kaur (Date- june 13, mode of communication – email) as she told me that acs assessed me to be experienced for 7 years instead of the actual assessment of only 2.7 years. I have been trying to contact mr neeraj (Tried calling him more than 10 times since a week to find out about my case and future plan but didn”t get any response. Not knowing what to do i reached out to daniel on july 1st as a final resort as well. Today, i have received an email from neeraj that i have to wait till september with no fault on my end. Also the email was so blunt as never expected. Secondly lets talk about immigration that is permanent residency, this consultancy says that they help you migrate aboard with ease, but if you will notice carefully than you will come to know that they are not even registered with govt of the countries with whom they are dealing for example (Canada, australia, denmark, new zealand), that is they are not registered immigration agents with these countries, to verify the same you can visit the govt website of these countries which gives the list of the immigration agents registered with them, but you not find oasis there, the truth is they themselves approach other immigration agents to get your work done and charge you hefty amounts for the same. They themselves do not deal directly with immigration or p. R. Process which they claim, so they cannot get your work done easily but will charge you huge amounts for the same and will refund just small token of money if your work is not done. If you get involved in dispute with them i will advise you to launch official police complaint or approach consumer court or ministry of corporate affairs to get your matter resolved

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