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Published: 31 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

One of the most popular new scams is telemarketers calling people selling overpriced and mostly worthless nutrtiional products. One of the newer entrants to this scam is a company called Vitality Health And Nutriton Laboratories. They claim to have offices all over the USA. The call I recieved was from Orlando, FL which they indicated is a new office. They also claim to have offices in Tampa, FL and Portland, Or. Their pict goes like this: “Hello, I am calling from Vitality Health & Nutriton. How are you today? (Lol. Classic amatuer telemarketers) Then they go on to say they they only call prequalified people like me who have shown an interest in health & nutrtiion. In other words, they bought my name from a list somewhere. Then they procede to talk about a product called Marine Phytoplankton, which they call a super food but it is not a medicine, a drug or even a vitamin. Funny thing. Even though they emphatically state that it is not s drug or a medicine, they make medical claims about it. The telemarketer will go on about the wonderful benefits of this “superfood” and ask if I have any underlying health issues. Like that is any of their business and why do they need to know, are they doctors? I think not. Then they tell the incredible story of a man named Ton Harper who ate the phytoplankton and they say it cured his cancer and diabetes! If you google Tom Harper you will find that the story is partly true, although not as dramatic as the telemarketers make it sound and Tom used another product, not Vitality Health & Nutritions. It gets even better as the telemarketer will tell you that there is a “world reknown nutrition specilaist in the building and if I am lucky, he can get him to speak with me for a few moments. I was intrigued so said yes and a few moments later the “expert” came on. A few minutes turned out to be 45 minutes and while the guy speaking seemed very knowledgeable, it was also very obvious that he was what is commonly referred to in the telemarketing business as a T.O. (Take Over Salesman) and definitely not a “world reknown nutrition expert” The so called “expert” that worked me was a guy named Marty. Very soft spoken but a real hustler. He tried every which way to close me. I kept saying no and only wanted more information to check the product and the company out. He insisted that product literature would be forthcoming in my order. Oh so I had to pay for literature?? What crap! I asked for a website. He reluctantly gave it to me After the call I visted it and wasn’t impressed. In fact I was rather underwhelmed. The “world reknown nutrition expert” went on to tell me that Vitality Health & Nutrition offered the lowest price on phytoplankton. If I shopped lcoally, I could expert to pay $150 to $200 a jar and on their website, it sells for $99 but I could buy it today for only $59 of course that was only after he tried to sucker me into to buying a case for only $399! Interesting. After I hung up on this used car saleman, I checked on the internet and found phytoplankton for as low as $10.99 a bottle! So much for the lowest prices. What really bothered me were some of the claims that were being made by this used car salesman. He went to tell me how sickly he was untill he started using this miraculous product and was healed. He told me countless stories of others who used the products and had other incredible results. But when I asked if he could document that, he backed off. These guys were claiming that this products is FDA approved which of course is not true. The FDA does not approve any food supplement which this product certaintly is. They also claimed that it cured cancer for some people, diabtes for others, asthma, allergies, asthma bronchitis, allergies, emphysema, fibromalgia and more. My word, who needs doctors and hospitals anymore. Just buy this miracle product. Since my phone call from these shysters, I have been doing some research on Vitality Health & Nutrition. On the net, there are a lot of complaint including some unresolved complaint with the BBB. I have also talked with other people who have also recieved calls from these shysters and some who bought the products and were very unhappy with the products and total lack of service from this outfit. My advice to you if you get a call from these shysters is to hang up the phone or listen to them only if you want a good laugh. .

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