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Published: 27 October 2019

Posted by: ingenioussalman

– Vodafone relationship manager :- It is a non sense completely, there is nothing like a relationship manager, its just about fooling the customer… as on multiple occasions me & my various colleagues have experienced it. Sometimes when you call back those numbers for help, they are non existent…even if you are lucky & you go through, noone will pick up your call…even then if you are further lucky & someone picks up it won’t be before 20-30 Min waiting (which is much greater than the time taken by there actual call center. And after 30 min when you convey your problem to them, they wont have any access to anything, they will just make false promises of Calling back which never happens. (So beware of This Network – My relationship manager name – Neha) Cellular Network & connectivity :- It is the most imbecile network once could experience, You go office to home, they will no where follow you ( So there claim of wherever you go our network follows is a total lie). I can’t e even receive calls in mid of city (Kormanagala) & can’t even connect to Internet & there 3 G, i m paying 1200 INR/ Month for internet only but for no use…because i m not able to call only so how will i connect to internet. Although i have put multiple service request but no professional assistance given except some call center executives (who are basically nothing but intermediate pass guys) who can’t solve your issues as they are only trained to talk (which even they don’t do properly). Complains & Call center :- Most unprofessional People you would ever find behind customer desks are under this network (Vodafone), they can’t talk in common language (Hindi, English) they will make false promises, Never complete the service request, No proper customer feedback mechanism, No transparency to customers. Defaulted Bills & Double Payments :- I have experienced it recently, I have opted for AutoDebit facility from account for paying the bill, so that i avoid the different clowns sitting here & there behind customers desks. I have paid the bill on 4th Sept'[protected] INR) which was again charged from my account on 13 Sept’13, When i called back they don’t have a clue about it, i have given the payment ID’s to them but there are no solutions given, although i won’t leave them, even if i have to go to Court. In fact in past i have seen it with my colleagues who have been paying forged bills for years & one day they scrutinized it & shared with vodafone people & than they apologised for it. – 3.5 years using Vodafone network unfortunately due to corporate policies otherwise would have changed it years back Please my Humble request do not take Vodafone as your network if you really working hard to earn your money, if you really want your life hassle free, if you are looking forward to be in connect to your near dear ones by calls / Internet. The customer desk in Vodafone will only fool you!!!

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