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VXL DOLLAR is a scam network

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Published: 21 June 2022

Posted by: Defaulters

I would like to introduce a new scam coin, VXLD or Vxl Dollar.

They posted again a post in BitcoinTalk  after the first one was already moderated as scam, and deleted by them leaving just a “.” a dot. This was their previous post months ago (promoting to have 2 billions dollar in GOLD, now 4 billions in Nickel):

I will not mention their website .com, just to avoid more clicks into it.

I know very well the people behind this criminal network because I was frauded by them of 175 bitcoin and I’m waiting will start at the court a criminal case I’m waiting for.

These peoples is based in Marbella, Malaga province of Spain. They are now very active also in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and sometime the visit Monaco and Ibiza.

I have seen then to build after 3-4 years of inactivity around 10 websites, many domains, and the most important websites were deleted, but I have all the printscreens deposited to lawyer office and court.

These people is stuck with the brand “VXL”.

The main fraud scheme began in 2017-2018 when they scammed the first 2 investors. The main project was the creation of an offshore bank, in Sao Tome and Principe, the smallest african country. The reason was, that in the company they promoted as investment there was in the board Francisco de Borbon y escasany cousin of the King Carlo I of Spain, and his son, Francisco de Borbon von Handerberg son also of a princess and stakeholder of the biggest car deal in Germany with over 1 billion sales per year. Plus, another guy, Swedish, Reza Ebrat, and recently another friend of them since child age, Mr. Bijan Burnard, very active now in the webdesign of some of their websites like vxl.network, before deleted and since few days back at work.

Please be very carefull, and DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY in this stable coin. Will be money lost.
Basically they do not target via exchange or web their victims, but usually face to face in meetings, especially in parties in Marbella and Puerto Banus in Spain, Malaga area, where they spend most of the time, partying and trying to catch turists or old people and try to convince to invest in one of their nets.

if you have any doubt just ask, I wish to help somebody already scammed by them.

vxl.network/partners/index.html after my post, the scammers deleted the content from the “Partners” page.

The partners page was including till few days ago:

direct partnership with Royal Family of Spain, Government of Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Monaco and Prince Albert fondation, Yatch Club Montecarlo, F1 Montercarlo, AS Basket Montecarlo and so on.

This group, now directed from Nice province from Bijan Burnard is quite “obsessed” with the money of the neighboors in Montecarlo/Monaco, Lamborghini, Roll Royces and Ferrari. Just check the show off in the Instagram account of her wife Alina Burnard in IG: Alina.Burnard that recently posted also an advertising in stories about VXL Dollar. She was warned about the scam network and the job of his husband and the peoples connected to him, his husband was warned, but they continue to invest lots of money in webdesign and socials to continue with their fraud and ponzi scheme with the collegues and partners in crime in Marbella, Spain.

Their previous website “SCG TRUST” deleted and warned by the FMA in Liechstein , had similar structure, they was publishing partnerships with all the authorities of rich countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and more. I contacted all of them and this is an example of answer, then they deleted everything.

This is one of the answer of the Authority of Abu Dhabi, then they acted against them to ask removal:

This group of peoples have a lot of contacts of rich peoplem and they just hide behind them. But not all the rich or ex rich people have a clean past.

I will write late of how they convinced Thomas Kramer (www.miaminewtimes.com/news/thomas-kramers-south-beach-story-ends-with-200-million-court-judgment-6392215), a friend of this scam circle, to promote in his website about the absolute fantastic network of SCG Trust and Banco VXL (the first doesn’t exist, and website deleted, and the second still under construction, no license and no working).

Thomas Kramer website:   alphabetauniversal.com/
page promiting his friends:

and via Linkedin with fake informations and licenses that didn’t exist.

page with “team” including his friend Bijan Burnard

here message of Thomas Kramer confirming to have deleted all the connection and relationship with his friends,
because other people reported all what we see in the proofs I show plus what I know in my first person because

Thomas Kramer removed almost immediatelly Bijan Burnard from his website and Linkedin.

Again, I have to show to you the previous whitepaper of Vxl Dollar, when they write, a part of the fake license with FINCEN for their business, that they have banks for Vxl Dollar in Taiwan, the unique they accepted the crypto business. But the funny part is that Vxl Dollar is owned by VXL BANK or Banco VXL, they they state is active sin 2018 and a leading bank. Unfortunately till today 17 july, www.vxlbank.com is under construction and every week they change templates and looking which kind of script and webmaster in the web will make to them the fake-banking pages, to give smoke on the eyes of victims).

The scammer, bijan burnard, start to call me all the day to my number with a private number.
I had one call with him in the past weeks where he confirmed that would stop the job with his partners in crime, but, after few weeks he started again and more aggressively.

After 2 days, he understood that private number doesn’t work anymore here. I pleased him to call me from real numbers, or writing email or text. He did today.

Here one of his message from a phone of his mother, Louise Burnard.

In the mean while, even the government of Monaco, and Prince Albert fondation, sent an email taking distance of this fraud attempt and asked to contact the police of Monaco to report such activity of Bijan Burnard running vxl.network together with his partners in crime, Francisco de Borbon father and son, Reza Ebrat.

As by Government of Monaco tip, I will contact the police of Monaco to collaborate even with them to report this ponzi-fraud scheme. At the moment I’m collaborating with the police of Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Abu Dhabi and now Monaco.

We have an email [email protected] where we can help to reach lawyers that are already working in a criminal case against them, in Spain. Will be FREE at no charge! Just justice.

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