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Published: 28 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’m hoping that a class-action lawsuit is filed against this company. I’ve used them in the past and never had a issue with them, up until now. They never except receips! They constantly give you the run-around and consistanly contradict each other’s responses. Back in May (2014), I faxed over my receipts and received a confirmation report. They were late but in my defense, the forms were sent to the wrong address. Two weeks later, I was told by a online rep, that my account was still inactivated due to no receipts. I told the Rep that I spoke to another Rep earlier that day. She told me that everything was received but the “receipts” weren’t to Wage Works guideline but some of the receipts were approved and that she couldn’t figure out why some were and the others weren’t. They were credit card transactions, however, they all had the doctor’s name & contact information, date, transaction ID, amount and signatures. She also told me that even tho they did receive the paper work, that Wage Works does not have to tell me that the information was correct or not. I was completely baffled by that. I then asked “how am I suppose to know then if everything is correct?”. And she told me “its up to you to figure it out”. I then, hung up on her. The WW’s online Facebook rep explained to me the “WW” guidelines. I needed to include the description of each service. I told him that, eventho they were credit card receipts, I assumed they would be accepted considering the information provided but I will get doctor’s receipts. He said this: WageWorks Hi Christopher, I wish we could! It would make it so much easier. But, since these types of accounts are funded with pre-tax dollars, we have to verify each transaction/claim 100%, in case the IRS audits us, we can show exactly why we paid out a claim. I’m sorry that you weren’t advised about the credit card receipts. It’s a common assumption. Thank you again. Have a great afternoon! 6/4, 12:36pm Christopher Kerwick Not to sound like an ass but this is how I submitted the previous year’s forms and I never had any issues. And there’s still one thing that I question..if it’s my pretax money that’s taken out of my pay, how would the credit card receipts (with the info I provided) be wrong? I understand that there’s always issues with fraud but shouldn’t that fall directly on me if there was question? I don’t get how you can freeze an account if the money is coming from my pay? After that question, I never received a response. With that said, I am still having problems with my account. After five months of hassle trying to see my account online, I was told by one of the employee’s, that the information they had on file, had my first name spelled incorrectly. I’m finally able to use the Wage Works app however, the receipts that it says I need, have the wrong dates and/or wrong amount charged. Nothing matches up! A rep told me “that the dates provided are when the amount was changed to the card. Not necessarily the date of when I had the service preformed. This is why they have the guidelines for the receipts.”. My response “so if I send multiple receipts no where near the date you’re asking for, and you again..reject it. Then what? My account remains inactivated?”. And once again, I never received a response. There’s no “dispute a claim” on the WW webpage or any help on how to resolve transactions. There’s also no specific location of this company and when you email them, its a automatic response. I don’t know how this “company” is still allowed to do buisness. If anyone has any information in filing a class-action lawsuit against them, please contact me.

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