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Published: 05 July 2019

Posted by: Ning Nong

I did fly for my business trip with other 2 companions – my mom and friend to Singapore on the Flight CX 717, 7/07/19 from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and I did book the limousine service provided by the local operator called “Wang Limo Pte “t through Expedia website the prepaid limousine service have been made before the flight. I had never been contacted by Wang Limo to advise how could I would contact its driver when I arrive at Changi Airport before and after my arrival at Changi. As per my experiences traveling aboard with this kind of pre booking and prepaid limousine service, I had been contacted by the limousine companies either by SMS or email for their advice how to get in touch with their drivers. We were a bit delay in the immigration control process but expect that the driver will be waiting for us as the immigration is beyond our control and it was not our false. Upon my arrival at T4 arrival hall, my mom, my friend and the wheelchair man ( who assisted my mom) and I were trying to look for the driver who should be waiting for me with my name written or printed in the piece of paper but finally we did not find anyone waiting for us. The wheelchair man had offer his personal kind assistance to ring Wang Limo, the man who pick led up the call said to me to be waiting at T4 information counter as he will ask the driver to call to at the phone number( wheelchair man’s) that we rang him. We were waiting for a while but nobody called us, We moved to T4 Information Counter to ask for assistance to contact Wang Limo. The T4 Information Assistance rang to Wang Limo with the same phone number twice and the auto phone answering system told us that the day is holiday, can not provide any service at that time in both 2 last time that we called the number. I had no choice as : 1. No one from Wang Limo contacted me to give some advice before and after my arrival neither SMS nor email. 2.There were no Wang Limo’s driver waiting for me with the signboard of my name at T4 arrival hall upon my arrival( please check all surveillance cameras which you have at T4) 3. I did make a call to Wang Limo, first time the man said that the driver will call me back but nobody called me( throughout my trip in Singapore) 4. I asked T4 Information Assistance to ring Wang Limo twice but nobody’s home to answer our call After that I have request the transfer service through Grab application and upon my arrival at the hotel in Orchard Road I had sent email to Wang Limo to request for refund as they failed to provide prompt service to me. Wang Limo decline to make a refund at the beginning, they said that I refused to use their service and they said the driver was waiting for me at door 1. I have never met any Wang Limo personnel. How can I refuse their service? I went to town with Grab because I could not find the driver. No one from Wang Limo told me that I should proceed to find the driver at door 1- this should not be a standard meeting point at T4. Wang Limo told me that the driver were waiting for me 1 hour at T4. I am too not sure if he understands that the arrival time of the air craft does not mean the time that the passenger should be there at the meeting point as passenger will have to be waiting for baggage, pass through immigration and customs processes- that are beyond the passenger control. He should patient to be waiting for me with the signboard of my name until I be there at the arrival hall but we really could not find my name in any signboard. I think this makes me totally disappointed if the driver waiting me there with the signboard why he failed to ring my mobile phone. I strongly believe that when I was there at the T4 arrival area he was not their as all 8 eyes in my side could not find anyone holds my name at that time. I have contacted Expedia they said they believe Wang Limo as Wang Limo could show them a concrete evidence which is the printed paper with my name. This is totally unfair business practice 1.if the driver was waiting me there why we, 4 persons did not find him? and 2.If the driver could not find us why the driver failed to ring me???? Hope you can help me to make the issue clear and fair. Neither Unprofessional nor Scam Service Provider should not be operated in Changi Airport.

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