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Published: 11 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Washington Mutual Bank. Now owned by Morgan Chase, apparently are trying to collect or Rip me off. M. Leonard & Associates of. Van Nuys has filed judgement against me for a debt settled in 1998. Hired by Wamu Bank. The alledged debt was compiled on my then account. As a result of Wamu negligence, in allowing an individual access to my accounts and safe Deposit. This individual had no signature Authorization on my account, and was allowed by a representative who claims to have seen me in the bank with them on several occasion. The individual withdrew over $780.00 in cash and every EE BOND I had in safe Deposit box matured bonds from $50 to $500 purchased by me between 1987 and 1998. This Negligence lead to an abundance of fees , as they did not pay checks for my regular monthly bills already sent out, Eventhough they admitted Negligence. 7 checks hit my account monthly totaling $680. 00 roughly , Wamu returned them unpaid, gave me credit for those 7 fees at $25 and $35. However they never gave back my money , claiming investigative time , even after there admitting negligence. I signed documents to close the accounts, then I received a letter from Wamu stating I was given an over draft line of credit which automatically kicked in to pay 2 of the 7 checks. So I now owed them for the line and interest. Mind you I closed the account prior ,and after there admitted Negligence. Moreover Wamu, begin trying to pay the 5 checks in an automated fashion, on top of the over draft line of credit. More than 10 attempts for each check at $30 per NSF. Wamu, apparently thought I was a fool. First off my account already had an overdraft protection line of credit . $125.00 my balance had to maintain $500 and a direct deposit as well as using a minimum 5 checks, and the credit would be interest free, if I authorized it’s usage that required my signature . I never used the line of credit ! Or authorized its usage. None the less they continued to operate this closed account , disregarding my closing it , and a bifurcation notice I hand carried to them from the courts. Wamu gave my cash on deposit away ,stacked fees , activated lines of credit attached to the account, adding more debt plus interest, then continued trying to pay checks against the closed account . I repeatedly got notice of debt , and every time I went back to the branch , when I received notice of there responsibility on the Account activity and it’s closed status finally, I went to there main branch in San Diego . With all my correspondence and documents , and a statement from the employee who initially allowed the fraudulent withdrawal. After this nearly 6 month ordeal , I got another statment from them alledging I owed them nearly $4000.00. The most rediculous and obsurd idea was, in that total of my alledged debt they had included the over $700 I already had on deposit. Needless to say I was livid when I got to San Diego. While in the San Diego office some 3.5 hrs and journaling every transaction ,since the fraudulent withdrawal , the paper trail proved more Wamu negligence, in there system updates at the branch level and home office, as well as there credit and loan dept. Codes were updated in there system changing the status to that account, on every fee, and interest against the acct. The 2 checks pd =$102 ,of the 7 in question, were taken out of the $780.00. Right down to the end they lied, and stole from me I have never received the balance of the $780 and they took the position advising me to file a theft or robbery charge . After all was Said and done Washington Mutual allowed a total of over $12k to be taken from my accounts And safe Deposit. Fraudulently. Bob Thomas , the VP over loans and Deposit accounts . At the time , gave the account new reference in there system. The troubled acct. was identified as 0 balance owed acct closed. He then gave me a completely new acct ref number in the system that stated my credit worthy status and how it would over ride any flags arising in the future., out of the previous . the matter did arise negatively 3 yrs later while I was buying a car. And I gave them the updated acct and it actually worked to clear the bad report. Which brings me to date , here is the matter nearly 18yrs later, in the form of a threatening judgement. Stating negative reports already sent to all the credit bureaus. This is a criminal act , a definate attempt to rip me off again , when they never made me whole from there negligent acts in 1998. Thank you in advance for the format And if you have legal advice or a class action. Against Washington Mutual or. Aka Morgan Chase. I’m willing. PS. I believe they are trying to scam and harass me by a cross reference to old information . Based on there priviledge to current records. Chase Bank is the owner of Wamu Bank records , I’m unemployed currently , and chase bank administers the Texas work force pay card network.

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