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Published: 23 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

My son bought a truck and Wells Fargo gave him the loan (with me as co-signer). He made his car payments regularly. Then, he was laid off and found a job making less money. He was behind a payment, so we called and made arrangements to catch it up. Then the harassment started! We continually made payments, some were late, but nothing to get excited over. I was getting phone calls before the payment was due for the month. Not only did they call my house repeatedly, but my cell phone and my work phone as well.

We began to get a little suspicious that things weren’t right with our account. We were making payments. I wanted to look at the history and verify all of the payments we made. I went to sign on to the website and it would not let me sign in. I called and spoke to a supervisor. I questioned why couldn’t I have internet access to my own loan. I was told “so people don’t make a partial payment”. Are you kidding me? Isn’t a partial payment better than no payment? Anyway, I asked the supervisor to please send a history of our account. I ended up asking her four times to send me a history and finally it came in the mail.

The history was not straightforward. There would be a charge added for say $702.00 but no explanation as to what this charge was on our history and of course, no decent answers from Wells Fargo. And, payments that we made would be backed out for no reason (verified that the payment cleared my bank). I believe it was purposely designed to cause confusion. I would suggest that if you are having problems with Wells Fargo along these lines, get a history of your account and go over it very carefully.

I did extensive research on payments made by us and the goofy charges that appeared on our account. We were making payments! And then a representative would call and tell us we were two months behind. Anyways, turns out we were not behind at all. We were right where we were supposed to be. So I called in and requested that we sit down with someone and go over our history with a fine tooth comb. The response “we do not provide that service”.

Finally, it wasn’t worth the hassle, and we turned the truck in. Now, here comes the irony: Wells Fargo owes me money! I got a letter in the mail showing the charges, etc. on September 21, 2014. One month later, no check! And, I have called the number on the letter 7 times today plus any other number I could find. And, gee, no one can help me.

Capital One was sued in a class action lawsuit regarding harassing phone calls to customers. I think Wells Fargo should be sued next. It’s the least that they deserve (I have been on hold this entire time climbing to thirty minutes). I will never ever do any business with Wells Fargo again!

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