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Published: 19 July 2019

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Fuimos de vacaciones a Orlando para comprar los ticket nos recomendaron el seven y leven que esta alcruzar la calle del resort que estabamor sherraton .fuimos no mandaron a otro ressor donde nos tubieron todo el dia para podernor vender los ticket nos dieron una presentacion para adquirir timeshare no estabamos interesado dijimos que no pero que este ano queriamos ir a myrtle beach sc yo les dige que solo podia en verano cuando mi ninos estan de vacaciones y me digeron que ellos tenian un gran paquete 8 dias en myrtle beach 2 abitaciones que el paquete costaba 1295 requeria un deposito de 250 el cual podia alojar 8 personas los pague eso fue en 07/14/2014 quede de pagar el resto el 15 de octubre cuando hiciera la reservacion para este ano , cuando me tocaba pagar llame y me digeron que no hay cupo que tengo que ir a oto ressort les dige que yo solo pagaba .si ello me confirmaban la resevacion entre 06/15/15 al 07/10/2015 y me digeron que no hay cupos y que si queria me conseguian uno para 4 personas pero que el pago es lo mismo hoy perdi un dia de vacacionnes 250 dolares y me mandaron a coleccion por 1410 . 400 mas del lo que acorde . ellos son un robo total We went on vacation to Orlando to buy the ticket they recommended the seven and leven this alcruzar the street from the resort estabamos Sheraton .fuimos not sent to another RESSOR where we tubieron all day to podernor sell the ticket they gave a presentation to acquire timeshare we were not interested said no but this year we wanted to go to myrtle beach sc dige them I could only summer when my children are on vacation and I digeron they had a great package 8 days in myrtle beach 2 ooms the package cost 1295 required a deposit of 250 which could accommodate 8 people that was in the pay 07/14/2014 left to pay the rest on October 15 when I made the reservation for this year, when I had to call and I pay no digeron quota that I have to go oto ressort dige them I only paid me .if it confirmed the reservation between 06/15/15 to 10/07/2015 and I digeron no quotas and that if he wanted me getting one for 4 people but payment is the same today lost a day of vacacionnes $ 250 and they sent 1410 collection. 400 more of what chord. they are a total

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