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Published: 05 September 2018

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Dr. Bizness Scam Alert/ WGIV Radio Charlotte NC/ NC Scam Alert List, NC Scams, Scammers WGIV Radio Scam Alert/ Charlotte NC Scam Alert/ NC Consumer News/Radio Scams/ Investment Scams/WDRB Media Scam Alert Dr. Bizness and WGIV Radio have been brought to the attention of North Carolina Consumer News by concerned small business owners in the Charlotte, NC area who want to expose the deceptive and unethical business practices of Dr. Bizness and WGIV radio, for deceiving local Charlotte, NC business owners and job seekers with their deceptive programs that they advertise on their websites and Internet radio ads, which has no doubt left some small business owners in the Charlotte, NC frustrated and disenfranchised by the unethical business practices of Dr. Bizness and WGIV radio. Dr. Bizness and WGIV radio are not even registered with the Better Business Bureau in Charlotte, NC and they still have an outstanding Better Business Bureau complaint that they have yet to respond that was filed 6/16/2014. Dr. Bizness and WGIV radio claim to reach a worldwide listening audience of over 40 million through his websites in his Linked In profile, (www.WGIVcharlotte.com, www.WDRBmedia.com, www.drbizness.com) but we have been informed by complaining business owners, that in reality this is very deceptive and very boastful speaking, when his online radio station probably has less than a 1,000 actual listeners at best on any given day, which is closer to WGIV’s actual listenership, so what Dr. Bizness is doing is taking the statistics from the worldwide web Internet audience as a whole to lure unsuspecting business owners and job hunters that believe a 60 year old washed up Charlotte, NC radio station really has over 40 million listeners as an Internet only radio station, which is only on the Internet. We would like to know how Dr. Bizness feels that over 40 million people are listening to WGIV when they don’t even have a consistent music format, and unless you’re Howard Stern, Tom Joyner, or Rush Limbaugh, nobody is really listening to you on Talk Radio, but just incase you doubt our word, here is a link to the Top 25 Radio Hosts for 2015 (click link: www.talkers.com/heavy-hundred/) Do you see Dr. Bizness or WGIV radio in these rankings??? No you don’t, and we didn’t either, so you may want to contact Dr. Bizness on Linked In (www.linkedin.com/pub/dr-bizness/32/939/989) to ask him to provide proof of his 40 million Internet listeners. Dr. Bizness and WGIV radio seem to be using a lot of inflated advertising that does not hold air to recruit hardworking unsuspecting Charlotte small business owners and people that are desperately seeking employment for his bartering contract program and deceptive $5,000 monthly salary No Experience Job Ad. Now lets do the math, if Dr. Bizness and WGIV radio have 40 million listeners, why is it that Dr. Bizness and WGIV radio only have 48 followers on Google Plus see link below: (plus.google.com/108258677727629127108/posts) We at North Carolina Consumer News feel that Dr. Bizness and WGIV radio are using very deceptive and fraudulent advertising and we have been asked by some concerned Charlotte, NC Business owners to issue a scam alert to bring Dr. Bizness and the unethical business practices of WGIV radio to the attention of North Carolina business owners and people worldwide that may have been deceived by the advertising of WGIV radio and Dr. Bizness. Here is the actual online complaint below from a person that wants to warn future investors of the deceptive business practices of Dr. Bizness and WGIV radio. Profit and Growth Unlimited WGIV, Dr. Bizness, Ernest Smith WGIV Internet Radio Scam Alert!!! Charlotte North Carolina Are you giving or considering giving Ernest Smith AKA Dr. Bizness, BD money for internet radio? If so, you better ask yourself why? Profit and Growth Unlimited has no affiliation with any of the established broadcasting networks they claim, such as "ABC." They aren’t even recognized by the Better Business Bureau. Sometimes they claim to have 2.4 million listeners, sometimes they claim to have 40 million listeners. This is a farce! As you can see, even the Face book page barely has 100 likes, and the "tune in radio app" had 70 "followers" (people who have tuned in on at least one occasion) last time I checked. Did you think WGIV was affiliated with 103.3 FM? Another lie. Why they haven’t sued him yet is beyond me. Before you give these people your hard earned money, look at the facts. If you are offered a job with the monthly earning potential $5,000 (commission only, collected by you, based on your ability to scam small businesses and individuals) you will also be required to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket to Mr. Smith for every month that you are working with them, (even though you will most likely make nothing). If you are solicited to advertise with these people, whether you give them cash, or up to $2,500 in products and services (bartering) don’t buy into the lies, or you will lose. Spread the word, and squash this scam. Please click on links below to read more Dr. Bizness-WGIV radio scam reports. WGIV Radio Better Business Bureau Complaint link: www.bbb.org/charlotte/business-reviews/advertising-radio/wgiv-1033-in-charlotte-nc-362921/complaint If you feel that you have been deceived by Dr. Bizness or WGIV radio and you want to file a formal complaint with the North Carolina Attorney General, please click on the link below to file a formal complaint against Dr. Bizness and/ or WGIV radio. NC Attorney General Web Site: www.ncdoj.gov/Consumer/2-2-12-File-a-Complaint.aspx This seems like another sad case in which a so-called minister aka Dr. Bizness is deceiving hardworking people to fill his pockets, is Dr. Bizness really a man of God??? We at North Carolina Consumer News ask that you re-post this article and share it with friends, family, and your social network community to expose Dr. Bizness and WGIV radio. Please feel free to visit the NC Consumer News Blog at: ncconsumernews.blogspot.com/?view=magazine

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