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Published: 01 December 2018

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Not too long ago earlier this year, I had signed up on a site called WhatsYourPrice. This online service prided itself on offering the value of providing the exchange and facilitation between men who were willing to spend a premium in order to meet that of willing women who were relatively more attractive than the general population. On there, I came across a girl by the username of “misskaterina” who had publicly listed on her profile that she used to work as a model and additionally she had also publicly posted in plain view several professionally taken photos that made it obvious she was no stranger to photo shoots. She was soliciting offers from men and consented to being contacted by guys on the site. Intrigued by her feminine aesthetic beauty and the high excellence of her facial symmetry and bodily physique, I contacted her through the site by offering her $500 USD to meet, to which she later accepted the offer. The offer was $500.00 USD in exchange for meeting for dinner, and after accepting the offer, she initiated the first contact message by contacting me on her own volition and advising me of her availability by asking me if I could meet her on the following Sunday. I replied back promptly, offering to buy her plane tickets to facilitate the meeting, since we lived several driving hours apart and asked that she get back with me by letting me know her thoughts. For about four days I never heard back from her again, and merely assumed she was not interested in the trouble of flying to see someone. Captivated by her feminine beauty, I decided to look her up online with the intent of contacting her through proper channels to see if she might be interested in doing a photoshoot. I had previously disclosed to her in my reply message that photography was an interest and hobby of mine. She had disclosed on her profile that she works partly as a model of sorts and had posted several professional portraits, photos and works on her profile. I later discovered that she had briefly worked as a model for Paper Crown back in late 2012, and that the photographer that she had been booked with was Jeff Holt. I contacted Mr. Holt directly asking to be put in touch with the model in order to gauge her potential interest, but was told that he didn’t actually have her contact information and could not convey my interest, and asked that I contact Paper Crown instead. So I contacted Paper Crown, but never got a response back. Not to be dismayed, I decided to contact her again on WhatsYourPrice instead, and asked her whether or not the photographer for the Paper Crown shoot had indeed been Jeff. I was hoping that was indeed the case and that she would response in the affirmative, giving me confirmation. Instead, she immediately blocked me on the site, and sent a response accusing me of stalking her, of being a creep, of harassment and also stating that she would defend herself at all times, accusing and/or implying that I am somehow of unsavory character, and delivering a triple prong ‘rationale’ of why I have insulted her, demeaned her, creeped and stalked her, and essentially wronged her in every way conceivable. These days it is all too easy for moody women to pull the feminists card by labeling anything that they don’t like or don’t agree with as “creeping”, “harassment”, “stalking”, without the slightest concern of the dangerous and chilling effects of such intentional miscategorization and willful misrepresentation of events. Words have meanings, and rampant misuse causes the erosion of the value of these words. To these girls, anything that they don’t understand or can’t agree with is automatically labeled as creepy, and if you question them and attempt to have a civil debate over their misuse and grotesque labeling, it becomes harassment. Oh the irony in the hypocrisy and double standards of equality. It appears that the pendulum has now swung to the extreme opposite side. She was annoyed that I didn’t have more photos of myself, AFTER she had already accepted the offer. It is one thing if I had make any misrepresentations (like used fake photos), but something else altogether for her to demand more photos AFTER agreeing to meet and after accepting the offer. If she felt that there wasn’t enough information to make a decision, she could have declined, or not accepted or counteroffer-ed. In any case, especially given the nature of a site and service like WhatsYourPrice, it is not like as if MY physical attraction or lack thereof was what was being displayed and put on the pedestal. Previously in the past I had used WYP and other girls that I had contacted would ask me to defer to their schedules and availability. For example, one girl said she couldn’t meet on Sundays because she had to watch the football game, and that that was of higher priority to her. It was this case with MissKaterina as well. In her first message to me, she indicated that she had availability on Sunday and wanted to meet on Sunday. Also, on her profile she indicated that she would not accept any offers under $200 and that everything had to be mutually agreed upon (duh!, pretty rhetorical and redundant if you ask me). Everything has to be on her terms, and if you don’t agree exactly as she wishes to her every whim, then you get promptly labeled as a creeper, stalker, harasser etc etc etc…. Frankly, if it wasn’t for the fact that she looked so pretty I would not have contacted her at all, she has somewhat of a snobby stuck up personality and a tad bit catty and not at all the sort of beautiful, open and/or kind inner personality that I had imagined she might have been… Underneath the beautiful exterior, inside was nothing amenable, congenial, amicable, etc. No existence of a good personality anywhere to be found. Too much power to the women it seems is not good even for her own good. MissKaterina WYP – Paper Crown model and the chilling effects of extremists feminism We who have even the most basic and fundamental grasp of evolution, of anthropology and of the nature of life and reproduction understand that the forces of natural selection always balances out. Here, equity does not necessarily equate to equality. The evolutionary tug of war, and the emergent dynamic structures and interplay between male and female is what gives rise to what life is all about. It is about the relativistic contrasting juxtaposition and the stark distinctions of what it means to be masculine and the what-it-is-likeness to be feminine. It is the pinnacle point of being alive, and the quintessentially archetypal essence of meaning and purpose of human existence. Somewhere along the way, as individuals and as a society, we seemed to have lost the way and we have strayed far from the natural order of things. Behold the dangers and chilling effects of extremists feminists who take a narrow minded and intolerant view of what it means to have a good and healthy dynamic and relationship between the male and the female, and those who would impose their own stifling views on all other people who harbor different opinions. Nowadays, all too readily we have acquiesced any last remaining semblance of common sensibility and handed it on silver plasters to those that seek to emasculate the natural man, all under the guise and pretext of “equality” and all the while resorting to underhanded tactics of pulling out the gender and PC cards as unjustifiable clutches. The supreme irony is that those who harbor such sentiments actually and effectively harm the future of the happiness and holistic well being of BOTH genders, including their own. Their inability to understand that equity is not the same as equality has blinded them and hindered them to heightening of the dynamics and interplay between the genders and the possibility of making the commingling ever the more intense and enjoyable for all. And that is perhaps the saddest part of all, is that good intentions in and of itself does not always lead to actual goodness. .

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