WholesaleDeals.co.uk is a SCAM

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Published: 29 April 2019

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Well, those are the questions, and if the negative reviews around the internet are anything to go by, then we advise that you steer WELL clear of them.

Directory scams, Validations scams, you name it, it is ALL associated with Wholesaledeals.co.uk and Stefano Carboni.

Is it true? You decide, but read this first….

Where do you start with Wholesaledeals.co.uk? The negative press they have received around the internet must make them one of the most talked-about companies on the internet today, and not for the right reasons.

Looking for a wholesale directory? Avoid  Wholesaledeals.co.uk ? Read on…

Most people looking for wholesalers, or dropshippers will come across Wholesaledeals.co.uk when searching for their chosen product ranges on Google, or other search engines. On the face of it, Wholesaledeals.co.uk seems fairly straight-forward, and a website that just offers a compiled directory of wholesale and dropshipping suppliers.

Wholesaledeals.co.uk claim to have 60,000+ VALIDATED (remember that word) suppliers across the internet, with 178,000+ customers who have joined their services.

Ok, you might think, but think about this.  Wholesaledeals.co.uk claim to validate their suppliers, yes? So if they did not validate their suppliers, then their customers would not pay them their fees? Of course not, why else would you use  Wholesaledeals.co.uk over any other free directory, if they were not claiming to validate their suppliers – not when they are endless free directories out there, like www.thewholesaler.co.uk. Customers simply would not use Wholesaledeals.co.uk unless they lived up to their validation claims.

But, are Wholesaledeals.co.uk really validating their suppliers?…….. NO, NO, NO, and NO !!!!!

You see, as the internet has grown, many of these companies are being found out for what they really are. We can prove and have proven that Wholesaledeals.co.uk are NOT validating all of their suppliers – if any.

What does this mean? Wholesaledeals.co.uk are committing Fraud?

We will leave that up to you to decide is Wholesaledeals.co.uk are committing fraud against their customers. Although, if they are not validating all of their suppliers – and they are not – then how can it be anything else?

More, and more dropshippers are now coming forward on forums, to claim that they have never had any dealings with Wholesaledeals.co.uk, and that they were included in the suspect directory WITHOUT consultation, and WITHOUT any kind of contact, OR validation – In simple terms, they were not, and never have been validated by Wholesaledeals.co.uk.

Does this mean that Wholesaledeals.co.uk are most definitely taking money under false presence? Again, that is up to you to decide, but the evidence is absolutely rock-solid.

The amount of bad publicity against Wholesaledeals.co.uk is HUGE.

If you do a search on Google against Wholesaledeals.co.uk ,  Wholesaledeals.co.uk scams, and Wholesaledeals.co.uk reviews, you will quickly see that there is literally an avalanche of negativity including, but not limited to the following:

  • Wholesaledeals.co.uk sending Scam emails offering fictitious jobs.
  • Wholesaledeals.co.uk creating smear campaigns against competitors.
  • Wholesaledeals.co.uk sending countless spam emails to customers.
  • Wholesaledeals.co.uk taking payments they were not due.
  • Wholesaledeals.co.uk cancelling customers accounts.
  • Wholesaledeals.co.uk stealing whole databases from their competition.

And much, much more.

In fact, go to Google and type in Stefano Carboni Wholesaledeals.co.uk and you will be totally shocked at what you find – of that, we guarantee.

Again, you be the judge of whether this is true or not, but can so many people really be wrong, when dealing with Wholesaledeals.co.uk? Hmmm, I can already read your mind as to your conclusions.

Forum, after forum contain countless unsatisfied Wholesaledeals.co.uk customers..

It is true, Wholesaledeals.co.uk have been banned from industry forums, for the fact that they were antagonistic and rude to their customers who complained – the evidence is still on forums for all to see.

Wholesaledeals.co.uk have also developed a reputation of taking customers to court, and traders to court who have spoken out against them, on public forums.

The result? What are Wholesaledeals.co.uk doing about this shambles?

That is what is interesting because what Wholesaledeals.co.uk have done, is to create a forum:

wholesaleforum.com – Fake forum – fake members, fake posts – All of which can be proven beyond doubt.

New fake forum created by Wholesaledeals.co.uk:

Dropshipforum.com – Fake Forum – fake members, fake posts – All Can be proven.

On this forum, the staff at Wholesaledeals.co.uk, or more likely Stefano Carboni, has set about listing derogatory and libellous comments against as many dropshippers and wholesalers as he can – in an attempt at revenge.

Stefano Carboni has also sent various emails to these dropshippers, blackmailing them into removing content, in return for Wholesaledeals.co.uk removing content from their fake forum.

We have proof of such emails.

The conclusion on Wholesaledeals.co.uk? Scam, Fraud, or what?

Again, you will have to decide this for yourself, but if esources.co.uk are not validating their suppliers, which they are not – we have proof – then this could very well be the biggest fraud of it’s kind on the internet today.

Spam emails, no validation of suppliers, cancelled accounts, payments taken without the consent of their customers, stealing of databases, threats with court action if you speak out? etc. etc. These are all accusations put to Wholesaledeals.co.uk from THEIR OWN CUSTOMERS.

And now Wholesaledeals.co.uk is abusing the trust of genuine researchers, by fictitiously and falsifying forum posts on their forum, in a direct attempt to direct new customers to their esources.co.uk website – a website that has been proven to attempt to dupe customers out of their hard earned money.

Our recommendation about Wholesaledeals.co.uk?

Avoid Wholesaledeals.co.uk like a CANCER!

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