Wildwood Antique Mall of Melbourne

Kindly take note of this they are not good people.

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Published: 31 July 2019

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One day I met my best friend, whose name is Tony, sitting alone under a shade, he looked very down somehow stressed. I have known him to be very talkative but that day he was very calm. I greeted him but he responded with a very low tone which was a clear indication to me that he was not okay, something was disturbing him. Since he is my best friend and we had been together for long, I bothered to ask him what was wrong. He insisted that nothing was disturbing him, I never gave up but instead I continued to press him to let me know what was causing him to be in that situation he was by then. It took him almost a week plus some few days that is when he decided to tell me about the experience he had with Wildwood Antique Mall of Melbourne because he never wanted to talk about it. Finally, he told me what he had experienced when he went there in need of some furniture. He never wanted to expose this incident to anybody but since he told me I will let you know about them, maybe it will help you while you will be making your future decisions so that you may not fall into the same trap yet I can maybe prevent that from occurring by shading some light to you briefly about Wildwood Antique Mall of Melbourne. As I have told you initially Tony needed some furniture for his house since by then he had completed building his house. He heard about Wildwood Antique Mall of Melbourne at his workplace, it was mentioned to be a good place hence was highly recommended to him. From the positive rumors he heard about them he concluded to visit them and make some inquiries and later purchase the items he required. One fine morning he left his house and went to the place. On his arrival there he never found any staff, it was around 8 am and none of the staffs had arrived yet they had written their working hours at their notice board that they open at exactly 7 am to 4 pm. Due to that, he had to wait outside. After approximately forty-five minutes that is when one of them had reported working. He asked him if he could be assisted but the staff told him he was very tired because he had walked from home hence he needs some time to rest first. He had no otherwise other than to wait. As he was giving the staff time to rest he went around looking at their products, luckily enough he saw the items he wanted on display. An hour later that’s when he was called by the staff to serve. He told him that the items he was looking for he had already seen them hence needed to be told the price. They agreed on the price and immediately paid a cash deposit of $2698, where the items were to be delivered in two to three days at his home. He checked with their office and the dates were confirmed. Surprisingly, 7 days later the items were never delivered and he never got any notification from them as to why the items had delayed. He got angry with the experience and immediately canceled the business he had with them. He went ahead and placed another order with another company and his items were delivered in 3 days. He had to claim back his deposit to be returned to him but until this date, he is still awaiting news of his money. If it were me I could have reacted very fast because I don’t like jokes with my money.

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