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Published: 05 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Yourcannabisbiz will give you a full website that sells mail order medical marijuana. They promise your website will be up and running right away after you give them the money. TRUE. They promise you will receive $500 or more in free med marijuana products with the franchise. FALSE – 4 months into my franchise and no products have ever been sent to me. Whenever I email or call about it, I get no response. They promise they will send out one time mass emails to help promote your site. TRUE – I could see from my back end site that there were a lot of initial visitors the first day. They promise to mail products to customers. TRUE / FALSE. Sometimes my customers (friends) received their products, sometimes they did not. When products were received, the mailing time was very slow. Products were received anywhere from 11/2 weeks to a month for edibles. The last purchase made by a customer has not been received in 5 1/2 weeks, yet the money was deducted from their debit card in 2 1/2 weeks. Sometimes customers were charged for mj products wheather or not they received them, and sometimes they weren’t charged for products wheather or not they received them. (Yes, sometimes products were oddly received for free.) There is a sense of sloppy business procedure. It can’t be that they just want to take the money and run, because sometimes they shipped items they forgot to collect the money for. (No debit from customer’s bank account.) And at least once they collected money for items that were not sent. They promised I would see all of my sales and recieve 25%. TRUE / FALSE – there were at least two sales I placed myself on my website that I never saw indicated on my sales summary – but there were two other sales I place myself that I did see, and I did receive 25% of the sales. I can check the traffic on my site everyday, and see that when I advertise the site in local alternative newspapers traffic from the site does indeed increase, and when I don’t advertise there are no visitors to the site. So I think the site traffic stats are true. I can see sales being made, although there is a maddening slowness for sales to go from the “sale” column to the “confirmed” column. I only get paid for sales that get “confirmed”, but I don’t know why about a third of the sales are never confirmed. There may be a reason but when I sent an email to ask, I didn’t get a response. They promise to answer questions. TRUE / FALSE. Sometimes Dave answers his phone, sometimes he doesn’t and doesn’t return messages. Sometimes he responds to email messages, often he doesn’t. When you place an order, you get a confirmation email with a phone number. The phone number answers with a greeting but it doesn’t accept messages! Basically the phone number doesn’t work! The return email address works – usually there is a response. Like when I asked why the products weren’t received yet I was told they would be shipped soon. But soon was another week or two away. SUMMARY. I get the sense that this is a mom-and-pop operation, or just an overwhelmed business. At worse it is poorly run. I wouldn’t invest in it if I had to do it over again. But I would spend small amounts of money on the products on their site because 90% of the time the product is received. Here are some other sites they have sold to franchisees:,,,,,, and about 40 others. You can find this on their server information by clicking server at .

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