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Scammer and Con Artist

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Published: 26 October 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Yuri Vanetik is a seriously dangerous asset manager who has been targeting folks from California and scamming them.

Yuri misrepresented his academic credentials to defraud clients. (Source: McClatchy DC)

He and his father have been ordered to pay a minimum of $8 million in civil judgements.

Reports also suggest that Yuri is a big supporter of Donald Trump.

Recently some media of Yuri Vanetik’s shady past has been flooding the internet recently, and in this post we will take a look at them and determine whether Yuri Vanetik is a danger to society or not. So let’s not waste any more time and get started:

Tax Fraud Allegations On ComplaintsBoard.com

yuri vanetik california

Tony Vanetik is alleged to have been working with Sherry Moffett for committing tax fraud. These are some big allegations and are yet to be proven. However, it would be better to stay away from Tony Vanetik and avoid his services until these Mr. Vanetik addresses them, as it is too much of a risk until then.

Hiep Trinch, NRG/Turan, Mithc Ngo, and Hiep Trinh are some more names which have been listed in this complaint.

This user has posted multiple complaints on the platform:

yuri vanetik scam

Yuri Vanetik Lawsuits

Below are some of the many lawsuits against Mr. Yuri Vanetik. In case you still have doubts about Vanetik’s activities, take a look at these files and determine it yourself.

Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. v. Vanetik
Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. v. Vanetik

Mai v. Trinh, Ngo, Vanetik, NRG For Securities Fraud | PDF (scribd.com)

Suspicions of SERP manipulation by Yuri

If we go on Google or Bing right now, and search up Yuri Vanetik, we see something like this:

This is suspicious as there are multiple lawsuits and open complaints filed by clients, on Mr. Vanetik. However, none of this shows up here.

Not only this but if we go on Yuri Vanetik’s official website (yurivanetik dot net), we see that the phrase “Yuri Vanetik” is highlighted, and if we click on it, it redirects to the website itself.

This seems to be some SEO technique being used here, but as that’s not my area of expertise, I cannot comment on it. If any SEO expert is reading this, then I would love an explanation of this. I would appreciate any contributions. And I’m sure the many victims of Mr. Vanetik’s crimes would be grateful as well.

We want answers Mr. Vanetik

The multiple civil lawsuits against Yuri Vanetik and the complaints indicate that the net worth Mr. Vanetik has built over the years is by conning innocents & the governement. Instead of addressing these allegations and lawsuits publicly and giving the public answers, Mr. Vanetik resorts to avoidance.

If Mr. Vanetik really was innocent, then why isn’t he coming out and clarifying the situation?

I would request any victims of Yuri’s scam to come out from the shadows and speak up.

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Scammer and Con Artist

Yuri Vanetik is a seriously dangerous asset manager who has been targeting folks from California and scamming them. Yuri misrepresented


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