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Published: 17 July 2019

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Before reading on, check their inventory. Every single vehicle marked as sold is either the owner’s car or was purchased from an auction and delivered overseas to countries that have a very high markup. They’re listed on there in order to give them more credibility that they’ve actually sold lots of cars locally, when its all a bunch of lies. BEWARE!!!! Absolute nightmare of an experience, and that’s probably an understatement. The car I was promised was said to be of amazing condition and here’s what I got instead, 1) Windshield had wiper scratches all over it. These were clearly visible when I took possession of the car. Gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried to see if they could be removed with some polishing with no success. Tried to explain that to the owner of Zeibak and I was told we could “split the cost” of a new windshield since he didn’t know about them. Nevertheless, conversation was a fail and I paid $1,200 for a new windshield because Zeibak refused to acknowledge the scratches even though they were commented on when taking possession of the car. 2) Navigation screen had scratches all over it. Whoever had cleaned the car whether at the auction or when Zeibak received it must have used a very harsh liquid to clean the screen which ended up scratching the anti-glare coating. I was able to remove the rest to make it look normal and more uniform. Still goes to show that I was promised a GREAT condition car when in fact it wasn’t. 3) I immediately noticed a sound coming from the transmission area and took it to the dealer 3 days after receiving the car. The BMW dealership explained to me that the noise is normal however it is far from that. It is from the transfer case and resonates into the cabin making it very distracting while driving. I explained this to Zeibak and they said, “what do you want, for us to take the car back? you want us to lose on this deal?” Obviously their only concern was to make money off someone’s back, even if it meant not willing to take a car back that had several problems when given to me; not exactly what was promised AT ALL. The car spent the next 27 days at the BMW dealer with an expert engineer trying to solve this transmission noise problem, all with Zeibak’s knowledge and they still want to stick to their version of, “we sold you a perfect car, what do you want from us?” Pathetic and horrible way to deal with a customer. 4) Car was purchased September 9, 2014 and 3 months later, still no license plates. Received letters from the DMV stating that it is the dealer’s lack of providing certain paperwork. The above noted of course is not including the several trips back and forth to sign papers and having to meet someone from Zeibak at either my home or their office in order to (in their words), “sign papers they forgot to have me sign.” Plenty of used car dealerships in the area and if its a stress-free car buying process you’re looking for, look somewhere else because it’ll be filled to the rim with stress with Zeibak. .

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