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Published: 03 January 2023

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I bought a notebook in Aug. 06 for work (Durabook) from shop NBC. This was my 1st mistake. In June I had an software problem that required me to send it to Twinhead for repairs (still under warranty). When it arrived in Ca. from SC via UPS the box looked like it had been run over by the truck. The rep. from Twinhead sent me photo’s of it and I was told to file a claim with UPS. Easy right? Well since I wasn’t the one that was the payee for the shipping it had to be filed from the shipper. Well in the mean time my notebook took a tour of the US. Check this out. UPS tracking # 1ZoW36X99049000638 It finally arrived back to me in worse shape than it was in Ca. So I was given another label to sent it to Pan Link Electronics in NY. UPS tracking # 1Z0W36X99049433911 this was in July. Since then its been a hassle..really. No one will tell where my notebook is or no one is responible for being the orginal shipper to file the claim with UPS..By the way I spoke with a rep with UPS and they didn’t have a problem paying me back $1700.00 for my damaged notebook destoyed in shipping. I have been given the run around with these 3 companies..each will give me phone to the next until I’m running in circles with this bunch. It would great to have all three on the phone together. BEST BUY, CIRCUIT CITY, somewhere local where you can get eye to eye with someone is your best route. DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM SHOP VISCOM/NBC/TWINHEAD (Durabook)! They will not help you..period! Chris greenville, South CarolinaU.S.A.

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