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Published: 14 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: smart save derry, smart-save derry, smart save Londonderry , Didn’t get my full pay or even a payslip Northern Ireland / Londonderry!!

i am like any other lad in Derry just trying to work hard and make a living. I worked for another elecrtic company and was making a good living even though it was commison when i was phoned by the ‘so called director’ of the company deane who said he heard i was good at sales and he would like me to come and talk to him about joining the lads in derry. When i met deane and his side kick connor they said id make more money with them guaranteed and ill get holidays and beacuse ive got a kid i can finish up early a few days a week if im hitting tagets. He said he would personally come out and work with me (as he was quick to point out my current director would never get off his ‘fat a**’ to help us and thats why im better with him and his side kick conor. i started with them and what there promise couldnt have been further from thr truth!! the ‘generous’ commision package that was offered was never paid to by myself or any of the sales team.. well actually it was always hit but there was always a b******* reason why our bonuses werent paid. Every time we asked for a pay slip.. once again more excuses.. tax dodging b******* spring to mind. As for getting off early… i did more sales than anyone else and was told if i hit 5 they would cover me but when i called to say i was done no one would answer so i went anyway which was 30mins early WTF!! the promise of the ‘directors’ coming out to help hahahaha aye dead on not a sight of either of them. the ‘help’ was some guy that was away half the time picking up his kid.. joke. I would never go near these cow boys again how they work with sse airticity is just a joke… shows They don’t care about there staff and dont pay for sales that are done. im now back at my old job getting paid on time and getting help by people that give a s**t and pay for sales that you do. Derry is a hard enough place to get a job that isnt in a call centre so we dont need local lads ripping off local people, dodging tax at the expense of our community.

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