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Published: 04 October 2022

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To whom it may concern, My name is Aitza M. H***** and I am PH.D candidate from the Communications, Culture and Media Studies Department, and an Adjunct Professor from the Annenberg Honors Program, both at Howard University, School of Communications. Me and my family have been living at an offu00adcampus apartment complex with Southern Management Corporation since August, 2012, called Gateway Gardens. Since the week following my moveu00adin they have been harassing me with different issues, from the seats and tables in my balcony, to my dogs, which moved with me and I’ve paid their fees since. Because of my lack of understanding of the fees and harassment, I have always requested to get more information on these issues and all alleged violations. On June of 2016 I received a survey, which I assumed was from Corporate, asking me about my experience, and asking for feedback. I filled the survey thinking it would go to corporate Southern Management, but a few days later the property manager at Gateway Gardens contacted me to sit down and have a meeting. Since I had written all my complaints to that office already, and specifically about her and other employees there, it is very uncomfortable to sit down with any person there, which is why I requested in the survey to be contacted by email when I anonymously provided my contact information. A few days later I received a notice requesting me to pay some fees for things I have never been charged before. At that moment the harassment started again. I sent emails with pictures of my balcony requesting information about the alleged violation and these were ignored. The balcony didn’t changed, and after paying for the fees I didn’t received any fees in July nor August. However, although nothing changed in the balcony, I again in September got another fee. I then again engaged in email conversations, now including (cc) a person from corporate in them. I wrote emails back and forth with them until September 15, 2016 when I sent them the pictures of my balcony I took in July again. On that day for the first time they responded that my tables were the problem, which I still don’t understand why. I replied telling them that I couldn’t understand why the way my tables look was a problem when other people use their balconies as storage units and that the pictures she used to respond to me that day I took them in June, when I first got fees again after filling out the survey, and that I have sent them before requesting information, but that they ignored them, which resulted in new unjustified fees. They never responded to that email either. However, on September 20, I received a letter in the mail from them, dated September 15th, telling me that I have to vacate the apartment before October 31. I made calls requesting an explanation for this petition to vacate when, not only I am a graduate student and a professor from Howard, I have always paid on time, and have had no problems with anyone in the community. The only explanation I received is that I’m in a month by month agreement and that they can request the property back at any moment. That they don’t have any problems with us but that they want the apartment back. I feel this is a retaliation from them for the survey I filled and the emails I sent questioning the reasons for the continuous balcony fees. Even more when everything started again after the survey, and the letter for vacation is dated in the same date of the last email conversation. In addition to all of the above, in the last year we have had part of the roof in the kitchen area fall into the apartment, and water running down from the sealing, from the kitchen air vent, and lastly from the light fixture in the bathroom. We have has this problems at least 4u00ad5 times in the last year. The last one was on September 25, 2016, and not only this was the second time in a week that we have water coming down from the ceiling they took almost three hours to come and check the ceiling. The ceiling is probably rotten by now and that is a mayor hazard for me and my family which we fear that at any moment the roof will fall in us. We are living with constant fear for our lives in the apartment and the property management just wants to kick us out of our living place in the middle of a school year with not enough time for us to get a proper place to live. This apartment is NOT in proper living conditions in any way shape or form. It is uninhabitable for any person or family to live in constant fear in their he where we believe, home is where you should feel safe and comfortable. informed them that I had chosen that community because of the affiliation with Howard University and the arrangements they have for gradu00adstudents. I informed them that as a PhD Candidate and Adjunct Faculty at Howard University I had chosen and stayed in that community since 2012 because of the arrangements with Howard, which claim to guarantee the approval of a unit upon application. However, ignoring that due to that arrangement they approved me here in 2012, and since then, they have given me the gradu00adstudent concession, for which I have to submit my semester registration, they responded that they cannot offer me a new place or keep me here any longer, without providing me any reason for this. I firmly believe this is an unacceptable behavior for any Residential community administration, especially one dealing with Howard University students and faculty, even more, in the midst of defending their dissertation studies, and the holiday season about to begin. I would like this matter to be resolved as fast as possible, considering that I can end up in the street with my family. In this sense, I would like for them to be audited or for the apartments to be reu00adinspected, and if possible for them to be removed from the Howard University offu00adcampus listing. Sincerely, Aitza M. Haddad and family

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