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Published: 16 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: SS Motors Watch Out! Edmonds Washington!!

Over the past four years I have bought a total of three vehicles from SS Motors. The first two I never had an issue with. I had always had great dealings with dealer. The last car I bought, a 2007 Subaru Forrester, has been a complete disaster. About three months ago I traded my Beetle (which I purchased from them) for the Forrester. I put down $2300 and was financed for the remainder. On my way home, which is roughly two hours away from Edmonds, my car started overheating and spewing fluid. The next day we drove the car back over to Edmonds to get the car looked at by the dealer. He gave us a car to drive around while they looked at it and called within 10 minutes stating it was the head gasket. We came to an agreement of us paying $500 of the total costs to repair it while the dealer paid the rest. We left in a loaner car. I called multiple times over the course of a week trying to get an answer. Finally one person at the dealer said it would be ready that Saturday. I then proceeded to call on Saturday to see if it was at the dealer. After getting the run around all day, I finally had my fiance call. The dealer said well the mechanic isn’t open on Saturday we will call you on Monday. Well, Monday came and went. Finally on Tuesday the dealer called and said the car was ready. My mother, myself and my two month old drove back over to the dealer. When we got there we were told it wasn’t there and wasn’t ready. So we drove the two hours back over to our home. A couple of days later we received another call that it was ready and at the dealer. So back over we went. The car was there and ready. I drove the car for roughly two weeks before it overheated to the point of being un driveable. My car sat for a couple of weeks until we could afford to have it towed two hours away back to the dealer. After getting the car there, it was a couple of more weeks until I got the phone call that it was ready. (Constant phone tag was happening during this time). My sister drove me this time to pick up the car with my now 4.5 month old. I picked the car up and made it to North Bend which is about 45 minutes from Edmonds when the car overheated again. I left the car in a parking lot as the dealer was going to come get it. After another two weeks we finally get news that it is the head. The dealer starts talking about a new engine but could not guarantee that it would have the amount of miles we purchased the car for. When he spoke with my fiance again yesterday (11-11-2015) my fiance said they needed to fix the car or give us a refund. The owner started yelling at him and cussing at him telling him no that he will have it towed to our house. So now I have no car in my driveway yet. I have thousands not only already paid into this car, but a loan for the rest. And the car is not able to be driven because it needs a new engine. I can understand with things going wrong with an older car, but it is to the point that the car is not in the condition which I believed it to be when I purchased it as it cannot be driven because of a major issue that should have been checked by their “mechanics”” when traded in or however they obtained it. I would be wary of buying a vehicle from this dealership.”

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