Stencilco,, Stencilco Studios, PRV Film Corp. - Mike Nezer

Stencilco,, Stencilco Studios, PRV Film Corp. - Mike Nezer Review

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Published: 12 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Stencilco,, Stencilco Studios, PRV Film Corp. Mike Nezer Ripoff, Fraudulent, Deceptive Company Nashville Tennessee *UPDATE ..not legally registered!!

Stencilco/ Studios/PRV Film Corp. Do Not Conduct Legitimate Business with Partners Do Not Get Involved!! Mike Nezer and his ventures have taken advantage of many well-qualified individual business people. Until recently (October, 2002) the only company listed above holding corporate registration was PRV Film Corp. This is simply a registered company in the state of Delaware. There is no evidence that there is more to the company beyond the registration. The lure of the opportunity, as presented on the websites, (May, 2002, since changed) and, and by Mike Nezer during an initial interview (more to the point, a sales pitch), was significant market share and substantial guaranteed income. One of the many representations made was that the flagship product Last-A-Film was co-developed by Mike Nezer and Eastman Kodak in 1977. Eastman Kodak shows no record of such co-development. Nezer presented additional products that he claimed were readily available for sale and distribution, the AT Speed Series. The AT Speed Series was not ready and to-date is not ready for sale or delivery. A potential had no way of determining this until after making the investment. Mike Nezer is extremely charismatic and through use of pressure tactics and limited time availability of the opportunity, gets individuals to invest substantial sums of money securing management/partner positions with territory exclusivity. He claimed that PRV Film Corp. mandated the payment for the territorial right. In the partnership contract, statements were made regarding the amount of commissions to be paid and timeframe for payment. These statements have not been upheld. Business has been completed for the flagship product line, Last-A-Film, yet no commissions have been paid to the sales person or the manager. For greater than 5 months I and my sales team had promoted the products, providing product definition to meet market needs, and securing substantial revenue opportunities for the AT Speed Series, once available. The product has not been and will not be produced for distribution. During this time I, and others, were forced to live on savings, awaiting the release of the much-promised product. It was mandated that all first-time PO’s be accompanied by a check from the buyer for the full amount of the sale. This was mandated regardless of the availability of the product being sold or credit worthiness of the buyer. Most potential buyers were not willing to buy under those conditions when they could continue with their existing suppliers on a credit/terms basis. As a result of Mike Nezer’s actions, the FBI is conducting an investigation. All should continue searching for information prior to making any commitment to invest in PRV Film Corp., Stencilco, Stencilco Studios, or any other company under the direction of Mike Nezer. Steve Oak Ridge, North Carolina

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