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Published: 02 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Stuart Crystal – Boyton Beach Florida – Ex Cop Goes CRAZY Stuart Crystal Associates Abusive Behavior Towards Women, Drug Abuse, Stalking, Verbal Abuse Boyton Beach, Florida!!

I have known Stuart Crystal for almost 18 months. I dated him for a short time in 2010, and have tried to maintain a friendship with him post our intimate involvement. I am seriously concerned with his emotional well being. Mr. Crystal is a man who has no regard for the well being of other people. His insatiable need to be viewed as a savior and protector of the underdog has made him a danger to himself and society at large.He is a major control freak, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.I invited Mr. Crystal into my home in Parkland Florida where is was extremely aggressive with me in a sexual way. As I am a small woman, I felt threatened and fearful that if I did not give him what he wanted, I would be forced to perform as he demanded. I have young children and was always concerned that he might show up unannounced and make a scene in my community, and more importantly, in front of my young children.Stuart Crystal is, in my opinion, an abusive and dangerous man. He is being treated for several physical ailments and consumes heavy doses of pain medications. His behavior is unstable at best, and when he is agitated in any way, he demonstrates verbal and physical abuse, which if unchecked, will certainly lead to severe bodily harm to his next victim. He has shown no self discipline or self control when he becomes enraged. His temper is easily aroused, and I fear for my safety and that of anyone he comes in contact with. Mr. Crystal is a retired Police Officer from Broward and Dade County, Florida. I have overheard him say that he will use deadly physical force to get his point across to anyone who he deems necessary. I hope that this person is stopped prior to causing the death or permeant injury to anyone that comes into his path. I am fearful that he may retaliate against my family or friends, however, I needed to post this cautionary warning to any person who might become involved with Stuart Crystal on a casual or intimate basis. This man is not safe, and must be avoided. I suggest that anyone having information regarding the whereabouts of Stuart Crystal, or if you have had any contact with him whatsoever, to avoid him, and contact the police if he becomes verbally aggressive of violent in anyway.Single MomParkland, Florida

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