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Published: 14 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

My spouse and i have purchaised several things in the past from teppermans and have been loyal teppermans customers, well that is now NO LONGER the case. We purchaised a television there late spring and we told by the electronic sales rep Frank that we would be fully covered if we bought all these types of insurance / protection plans, he even said specifically if we accidently droped it would be covered!!! So we purchaised all the extra coverage he was pushing us to buy, then late summer (aug) it broke while we were resetting it up after moving it. We have been on the phone for about a month and a half now with several different people / reps and they have said it will not be covered and we have to pay $1000 for a tv that we only had for a few months that was suppose to be covered against accidental dropping but that was just a lie or a statement by an uneduated sales rep i dont know but i feel that a mistake made by one of their sales reps should be repremended and fixed by the company afterall it was the companies training that this sales rep had!!! When we were talking on the phone with a lady from the teppermans store she also said it would be covered by dropping it but that was not the case in head offices eyes. So my closing statement of why i believe teppermans needs to have a Ripoff Scams is: #1 they have poorly trained sales people / or sales people that deceive you into purchasing protection plans based on lies. #2 Do not honor their protection plans #3 Have several people who get very snapy when you call with questions #4 handle things unprofessionally with atitudes #5 Do not care about their customers at all and only about making money when they should care about the customer because without the customer they will have no business. I hope people read this so they will know what teppermans is actually all about before going and i hope they for sure read this before purchasing any protection plans, extended warranties or insurance DONT EVEN BOTHER with those they will not honor them you are wasting you money!!!

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