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Published: 03 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: texas auto brokers conroe tx ron brown and staff lemon car, lies,run around,dishonest,poor customer service, putting my life and health in danger, wont listen, crooks conroe, Texas!!

yes i financed a 2006 saturn ion level 3 with around80,000 miles now has almost 82500 through texas auto brokers almost a month ago. the first week i had it the ac doesnt blow cool at all, thumping under the pass side front, runs warm from time to time, trouble starting and a gasoline smell while running and not running, outside and inside the cab.well i went up there numerous times and emailed and called just to keep getting the run around by the ladies at the window. than finally a weel later a ron brown called me and said well we can put it in the shop..for a while see what we can do please.so than i did even more digging come to find out there shop is a joke. so ya i’m not doin that why so they can try to cover up everything that is wrong.i asked to speak to a general manager or somebody higher and he said no. and now the car is worse i got stranded after work last night in conroe and i live in huntsville.has a major gasoline leak, it’s pooring out in a few different places under the car and the smell is way worse cant even drive without, getting sick and dizzy and trouble breathing.my life is in danger. and also having trouble accelerating and shifting now..i had the car taken to quality car care they informed me the car is a lemon by far and a death trap.this ron brown is saying i’m bull shitting..is he not concerned for my life. had did this car pass an inspection in there shop..i did a carfax has had 2 previous owners, one was a rental company and the other was in lousinana the last two yrs right before i got it..could it have been it water and not reported.paying 16,000 for this car, 4000 of it in interest and i’m already having these troubles, still with the paper plates on it.what am i suspose to do miss work when it’s 30 miles away and not be able to make payments.i have caught them in lie after lie and excuse after excuse. i would like my down payment back, i was trying to be patient and understanding with them. but all i get is disrespect.i have done so much digging, have information nothing good on this place. according to BBB 16 complaints in the last 36 months thats crazy.turns out there was also a recall done for this car last year do to the fuel problem wich causes an explosion i told ron brown that he was like umm well i dunno.if it was fixed..he didnt care.any help would be grealty apprecited. please.and i have witenesses to everything that has happened and a mechanic shop who even looked at it for me.sincerlymarine veterani fought for these people who are ripping me off as well as many other people …they are putting lives in danger and dont care

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