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Published: 13 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

I started at the Chubb Institute in July 2007. It all began with the A+ Hardware course. The class started with well over 20 students. By the end of the first class we had at least 15 remaining. The teacher of that class read a chapter a night to us every single class. The reviews for tests were simply page numbers and sentences to remember verbatim for the tests. We broke more hardware during labs than we actually fixed. After the first class my classmates had complained so much that during the middle of the second class this teacher was fired. After a fully wasted class there was no compensation to the students. There was a measly attempt at offering some extra classes but made little to no difference in general. Night students simply do not have the flexibility. The Linux classes were plagued with ‘quirks’. The linux flavor the book went over could not be installed on our machines because the disc the book contained was a DVD. All the computers at Chubb contained only CD drives. The teacher had nothing in the ways of resources for us to use. We had to use different Linux operating systems and had to do our best to figure out where the parts of the book matched up. There was a lot of print outs and a lot of figuring out to be done on our own. The teacher was at a loss given the schools poor computer resources. That’s primarily what this school was… very miss and little hit. When it finally hit something home it was well though out; as in the Network+ class. All other classes were spent installing, reinstalling, re-reinstalling, and waiting for operating systems to get setup. Class would start at 6pm… we’d install an operating system… during that time the teacher could have done something smart and teach us, but that time was spent chatting, doing nothing, drinking coffee… other students who didn’t care would fire up the computer next to them and play around on the internet. When 7PM rolled around then it was dinner time. The previous hour was spent installing an OS, then there was dinner for 30 minutes. We’d get back at 7:30 and more dilly-dally. Class finally got moving at 8PM. Then when 10PM hit, there were certain students who would whine and complain or just plain leave at 10PM. Class would officially end moments after that. Class is supposed to end at 11PM. I felt I was a diligent student: 4.0 Average, I worked during class, I helped those who asked, I had fun doing so. I came to the realization I don’t need to be paying for this. I was going to this school to teach others what I knew. I wasn’t learning anything new. My goal was to attain professional certifications, but what I’m paying this play to do for me, I can do at home on my own and achieve the same if not better results. The final nail in the coffin was the teacher who had 15+ years, or something like that, in software programming and he tried to teach us Microsoft Server. One class started with “we’re going to try something”” and 3 hours later he couldn’t figure out how to connect a client PC to a server. Everyone else in class was putzing around and not taking part in the exercise because the teacher worked with ONE student. I then walked out of class and submitted my resignation letter finally after almost one year of pushing forward; I wanted to see the classes I was really interested in only to be let down. I want to try

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