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Wrecked My Business and Then Walked Away

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Published: 12 September 2022

Posted by: Rick Ackerman

Please read my Better Business Bureau complaint below before you consider doing business with The Digital Navigator International or its principals, Pol Cousineau and Jim Traister. They cheated me out of $31,000 and walked way from a web-site disaster they created that has cost me an additional $140,000 so far. Their lawyer, a Denver man called Chad Nitta, has stonewalled my attempts to settle this matter. Read his response to my compaint at  and you will see the dishonest, shabby tactics they have used to evade responsibility for the very substantial damage they caused me.

Here’s my complaint, filed with the BBB in April 2022:

My relationship with The Digital Navigator International LLC went south because they produced no revenue or mailing-list growth over the two years we worked together. Both were actually falling when we parted. Far worse, they left me with catastrophic problems when, on 12/5/21, they launched a rebuilt web site for which I’d paid them $31,000. The site is geared to traders and has always enjoyed a stellar reputation. Incredibly, TDN appears to have launched the site with no testing. This dereliction caused paying subscribers to be locked out for as long as six weeks and to desert me in droves.

I’d paid TDN through 2021, but they washed their hands of the myriad problems they’d created three weeks earlier. The new pages were so amateurish that I had to discard them and start from scratch. I’ve spent $42k so far trying to resurrect the original site. There were shocking problems with the new site, including obsolete links, misleading promotions and even the wrong name for my newsletter. The alleged rebuild of my two chat rooms is yet another horror story. They are at the heart of Rick’s Picks, a place where traders swap timely ideas. However, The Digital Navigator assigned erroneous time stamps to posts, creating confusion and mooting tradeable ideas. Also, it appears the new rooms were simply recycled versions of the old ones, but with $10,000 of useful custom code stripped out.

Concerning the firm’s negligence, it was most egregious when they failed to provide me with status reports on Fridays after the initial disaster. I’d urgently requested this because I wanted some peace of mind over the weekends. But they stonewalled me until the clock ran out on our contact, never having returned a single phone call. I’m seeking $129.500 from them: $31k for the unusable web site; $42k for repairs; $36k to compensate subscribers; $2.5k legal costs, and $18k for lost revenue. This is a generous compromise, since eventual losses are going to be at least $30,000 higher. [ Note: As implied above, my out-of-pocket damages have risen to $170,000 since this compaint was filed. Nitta continues to stonewall me even though Cousineau, ever evasive, referred a collection agent working for me to…his lawyer.  Cousineau, by the way, had to put The Digital Navigator’s Faebook page behind a subscriber wall because Facebook would not permit him to erase my scathing review from his site.   RA ]

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