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Published: 13 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

I placed my order on Saturday (09 / 16 / 17) and paid extra for same-day processing. I received confirmation of my order and was informed that I would also receive notification once it had been shipped. After three business days and no shipment notification I reached out to the business via their customer service email, 12 hours later I received a ‘delivery system failure’ from gmail essentially informing me my email never sent because the email did not exist (even though I replied directly to the email they used to contact me initially). I tried two more times with the same result. I then went to their website and sent a message via their ‘live chat’ customer service option which showed that the representative was away but would reply to any messages within 12 hours. I sent a message, and never heard back. Absolutely livid, I did further research and found multiple reports filed for The Geeks Depot on ripoffscams.Com, all of which mirrored my experience exactly. It took quite a significant amount of digging for me to find anything negative about the website but once I did It was like the flood gates opened. I went back to their website and started looking around to see if I could find any other contact information, the address they have listed belongs to a home in a random California location, however I found a specific and legitimate looking email which is supposed to belong to the employee in charge of refunds . I emailed him demanding my money back and have yet to get a response. I filed a complaint with BBB and FTC, will be locking my card and contacting my bank ASAP.

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