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Published: 17 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: The Mortgage Wellness Group Ltd Lucie Molinaro Peter Capprarella Misleading, Rude, abusive manner, disrespectful, Non-caring Etobicoke Ontario!!

My sincere apologies here as I feel very bad writing this as I do know once you post something negative of an individual or a company it appears it never goes away, and thatu2019s sad for sure, but well deserving if you feel you were mistreated or wrongfully told something and was misleading. The public should know of that individual or that company. Please know that Iu2019m not out to hurt anyone either or put anyone out of business thatu2019s not my intention here. I am just here to tell the truth about individuals that treated me wrongfully by misleading information to me while purchasing my home some 2 years ago and I had recently sold because we could no longer afford the mortgage. You see my first attempt is to do research on the individual Iu2019m putting my review on through their website reviews or other. I did find a website where I could put my review in however I am in question why Lucie Molinaro reviews some were deleted. This only tells me that the truth has been spoken most likely out of anger and resulted in having the reviews deleted however this also flags me to believe that these reviews deleted were of people who were also being treated wrongly and their opinions could not be voiced. I had also put up a review up there of Lucie Molinaro and of course there was no slander but because the email was negative I donu2019t see it posted there. Not surprised! Why, because I guess Lawyers like Lucie Molinaro are protected against negative comments. So, here I am because at the Rip Off Report page I want everyone to know what happened to me and my family upon trying to purchase a home. We believed that we were lied to, had slander and been belittled in every way you could think of. We also felt that we were terribly overcharged for her services. We believe that Lucie Molinaro banked some of our money for herself. I had mentioned this to my selling lawyer I was working with recently on selling of my home, and looking over the previous documents for my prior home wherein Lucie Molinaro was my lawyer at athe time, he too felt that I was somehow mislead. He agreed I paid much too much money for the purchase and sale of my home. For selling of my home I only paid my lawyer $1,100 and I was able to pay that upon closing. He did not ask for any money upfront. So, let me begin my story. It is okay too if you donu2019t believe my story, however, being Roman Catholic and attend church twice weekly I have no reason to not tell the truth. Of course this is neither here or there as Religion has no bearing on what Iu2019m saying here and most donu2019t really care to know this. So, please accept my apologies on this statement. Iu2019m also sorry if my story seems long and dragged out. Just trying to remember the details. It was back some 2 years ago I was looking to purchase a home and had recently sold mine as well. I got in contact with a Gary Chahinian from REMAX Diamond Realty through an acquaintance I knew. We got together with Gary and explained to him of our needs as far as purchasing our dream home, location and where our budget was. Of course this is what everyone does and Iu2019m sure you all agree? Gary assured me that he would stay in our budget. Gary was also good friends with Peter Capprarella of Mortgage Wellness and Lucie Molinaro was the lawyer they use and are out of the same location and office in Etobicoke. Lucie Molinaro and Peter Capprarella are the two individuals that we felt were misleading. Gary Chahinian was a great hearted person. Was very helpful in finding our home, however, we felt he just was not hearing us when we said we have a budget in mind, of course is this not the case with all Realtors. They just make us look at what they like and always over budget us. Gary did finally find us a home that himself and Peter assured us would be in our budget as far as the monthly mortgage. We told both of them what we could afford and no more than that as it would be out of our comfort zone. Both Gary and Peter assured us and promised we could afford it and would not be more than a certain amount that we discussed. They went on to say u201cYes, you wonu2019t pay more than this amount. Yes you will be able to afford this house with no problemsu201d. So the family agreed we could afford the place based on the terms laid out to us at the time and we purchased the home with great delight thinking that everything would go according to our plans. We later met up with Peter Capprarella and his partner to go over the mortgage terms as Peter assured us no problem to get us whatu2019s in our budget. That day we provided a VOID check as the mortgage lender approved our mortgage and we were all set to go. How exciting this all was. We could not believe we found a beautiful home and we could afford our monthly mortgage comfortably. It was wonderful news. It then came time we needed a lawyer, and Gary and Peter and Michael highly recommended Lucie Molinaro, Legal in Trust. Since all was going well with the purchase of my home. We could afford the monthly comfortably and everything was set to go. We decided that Lucie Molinaro must be just as fabulous as Gary, Peter, Michael were to us. We hired Lucie Molinaro as our Lawyer. Everything was great at first. I asked her to give me a quote of what it would cost me and she said u201cbecause you are working with Gary and Peter Iu2019ll give you a great dealu201d. We thought of course this is fair. Gary is our Realtor, Peter is our Mortgage Broker and we would keep it in the family and allow Lucie Molinaro to work with us. This was the most horrific mistake we ever made! Forgive me for saying this, as it is quite sad, knowing how kind she was when she first gave me the quote. I thought we couldnu2019t have hired a better lawyer than Lucie Molinaro located at 1570 Kipling Ave, Etobicok, Ontario. She was so helpful at first and seemed to be understanding. I have worked with many lawyers but this one Iu2019m surprised Lucie Molinaro is still in business. Sheu2019s the worse lawyer anyone could ever work with. I have been diagnosed with acute anxiety, and not looking for any sympathy here, or any remarks, but she did not care at the least of my condition. She actually brought on the most anxiety I have ever endured in a life time. It came to the time that she was telling me what I would have to pay. It was some $5000 more than she had quoted me at first and she wanted the money up front! I said u201cthatu2019s not the amount we agreed on, and why do I have to pay money up front. Iu2019ve always paid a lawyer on closing of the dealu201d. She went on to say u201cWell, I donu2019t work this wayu201d. I said u201cwell I have my fatheru2019s inheritance but it is in a Trust where if I take money out I will be penalized so I really donu2019t want to take money outu201d. She didnu2019t care in the least. I thought maybe she could make an exception and wait until the closing since she works out of Peter Capprarella office and as well Peter, Michael and Gary both highly recommended her to me and said “Lucie Molinaro will do everything she can for you. Sheu2019s the best lawyer for you””. I mean it was only some 2 weeks away from closing. Surely she could have waited that time

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