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Published: 25 November 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: The Ring; Ring Doorbell Ring Products Ring Doorbell meets the minimum System requirements only flaws cause the company to breach the paid cloud subsription Santa Monica California!!

The Ring Doorbell meets the minimum system requirements which are in alignment with the features it advertises. The Ring door bell has the capability to record when you pay for cloud subscription services. With your initial purchase there is a 30 day trial. It allows you to set the range which you wish to record motion with the Ring doorbell. The Ring doorbell has the capability to send you a video, and a motion alert to your smart phone. The end user has capability to answer the doorbell from their smart phone. There is capability to store the video on the cloud based system. The Ring doorbell allows the end user to share the videos with received with another person. The flaws of the Ring doorbell, can result in important moments being missed. It doesn’t work successfully at night, or where light in the area is very low. I have 3 ring doorbells. I have noticed in monitoring the doorbell, it doesn’t send all alerts for motion at nighttime. You either have to be directly in front of the camera or you have to push the doorbell. Therefore, if you have set the motion to catch the end of your driveaway, even at the highest frequency an alert will not be sent. The Ring doorbell is more effective during the day because the motion detector is triggered by heat. In addition to this the Ring has a delayed response time before it sends an alert. This delay can be as long as 30seconds or more, The longest time which I have monitored in not receiving an alert was 10minutes. Another flaw of the Ring doorbell is that goes offline. This device doesn’t sent you an alert to let you know the device offline. Your indirect notification is that you are not receiving any alerts. The customer service department will have you do a ping test, check your wifi bandwith to see if you are receiving a bandwith of 2.4 or greater. In addition to this they asked that you possibly get a wi-fi extender. I have had all 3cameras for less than a year. This happens quite often. I have tried all of the request, and even shared with their customer service. There is nothing wrong with my Carrier. I have Comcast business, the bandwith is find, and that I have a wi-fi extender. There other solution to the problem is to perform the set up again. clear the data, delete the device and set it back up. Resetting the device, or deleting the device and added it back when you have alerady paid for the subscription for the cloud service makes your account look as if you have not paid for the services. The reps and the cloud subscription treats the account like its a new account. Therefore, after the 30days has passed for the intial trial. The customer will be eligible to subscribe, and pay the 30.00 for each device for 1 yr subscription. However, if the customer has to reboot or reset the ring doorbell camera, it’s like the ring doorbell will treate the account as if the 30 days trial has passed, and now you owe another $30.00, When a $30.00 charge should not be due. The account for the device can also update to show as inactive. This results in the Ring doorbell not upholding the time you were promised to receive cloud videos and view them at your leisure. Due to my previous complaints around these issues I was given 400 plus days for all 3 devices. However, once the device went offline, I was faced with the doorbell for the garage showing as inactive. The past videos Im not able to see. I am receiving an alert with the talk and end button only for 2 of the outdoor cameras. But, I can’t see the video when it pops it. I can only see the alerts. The customer service rep MacNeil was the representative who was able to grant me the additional time . But Timothy comes along and says he can see them, but because I am not recieving the videos he asked that I set the clear the data, and that I may have to perform the set up again. While another rep says never delete the device and add it back, because there system treats it like its new A customer should not have to perform the set up on the camera again, and be faced with loosing needed access to view the cameras with a live video feed or past video feed as a solution. Right now it has been a week, where I have not received the services which for one of the doorbells for cloud services which I paid for. Another thing is you are allowed to share the account with another user. So, I shared the account with my daughter and we are in the same house hold. However, when you share the account with another user, the Ring doesn’t transfer the paid services. It treats it as if the account is new , and request another $30.00 payment for the same device. It should not do that, if the product is being transferred . Due to these flaws in the device the Ring didn’t capture a very important event. I talk to them several times, i haven’t received an update on them restoring my cameras to active, and backonline, and not requring additional payment from me or my daughter. It still isnt resolve

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