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Published: 09 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Trulia, Inc. charged credit card unauthorized, sneaky, small print on receipt, informed me of charge, unapproved charges Internet!!

I agreed to being charged for 3 months of ‘special’ advertising. The salesperson tried to sell me on 6 months and I specifically explained I wanted to try the service for a shorter time as I had been unimpressed with the ‘trulia agent pro’ exposure so far. The two services were over $300 per month. The salesperson made it clear that if I didn’t like the results I would simply not have to renew. Apparently, I was sent a receipt (which I later found in my spam file) that STATED (not asked) that I would be charged for an automatic renewel if I did call to terminate. Of course, I explained to Trulia that had I known anything about this that it would have gone into my calendars so that I would not miss the date. I knew NOTHING of this. The service was not worth a penny, either. I expressed to the Manager in billing (the 4th person I spoke with) that a “notification of being charged a renewel is not an agreement — it is simply a one-sided wish and by charging me without my permission or even knowledge they had committed a crime. It’s called THEFT (the print on the receipt

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