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Published: 06 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

There is ONE way to ensure a class action is successful! That is the collective documentation of all the individuals who have been financially victimized by the UOP / Apollo Group. After reading untold numbers of complaints about the financial services at UOP – I see one common denominator. We the complaining individuals are to nebulous in our overall desire to expose and confront the illegal practices of the financial and corporate collection center. Therefore, I appeal to all that would like to join in a class action process to LIST the names of specific individuals who are calling you at work, sending you an amazing amount of collection paperwork. Specifically those that are not only refusing to comply with your requests for FULL account information such as Ms. Iacangelo is so adept at but also ALL the underlings in her department. These individual’s must be held accountable for their actions as well as the Apollo Group and UOP et al. In these national difficult times where banks are struggling, lenders are fearful and the American citizen is at the highest risk for financial pressures we do NOT need to be helping this relentless group of predators. I say helping because as we dutifully answer their emails, letters and phone calls as forthright citizens – we do not realize that it is actually a STALKING situation. For every reasonable request we ask for – we receive a kaleidoscope of manipulative, psychological distortion of the simple situation. The simple situation is that THE DEBT IS NOT OWED! If you do not want to take the class – you DON”T take it. If you do not take the class YOU DO NOT OWE the “”tuition””. Our receiving countless amounts of verbiage describing a simple situation is a very basic and VERY OLD tactic. From a psychological perspective the game is: “”I will tell you this is the reality long enough and you will begin to believe it”” they even add in the dramatics of putting negative activity on credit reports. There is a malicious method in that the timing of their ‘key’ correspondence is a way to try to validate the debt. WATCH for the letters that say ‘respond within 15 days’. That is a LEGAL LOOPHOLE! Their hope is that you get so tire of the inundating loads of mail you eventually begin throwing it into the trash! I would very much like to join in a class action lawsuit not just against Apollo Group (which by now is quite extensive) but also against UOP et al. The et al I refer to is any individual within their employ including the individuals who work in the financial aide and collection centers. I also suggest we DO get the Media involved! The reason the commercials are so effective in getting new students and more financial aid victims is because there are NO media PSA’s (public service announcements) that WARN against this business. Jean Del City Oklahoma Jean Del City

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