V2 Premier (Viscom Technology Group)

V2 Premier (Viscom Technology Group) Review

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Published: 28 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: V2 Premier (Viscom Technology Group) Motherboard from my Laptop model V38243 burn out in least than 17 months after purchase. Chaska Minnesota!!

V2 Premier (Viscom Technology Group) is a ripoff. After puchasing my laptop model V38243 in only 2 months, I had to send it back, because it turning off on it own when I pick it up. They keep it for 4 weeks. After receiving it back the problem resurface 1 months later. Now, my motherboard has burned out after only 17 months after purchase. My warranty was only good for 1 year. I was told my I can’t return it for repairs. I have even offer to pay out of my pocket. They will not tell me who makes or the model of the motherboard. To make matter worst I was told that by one of their rep, they will soon discontinue selling laptops. So now I am stuck with a $1800.00 dead laptop. Can someone out there please help me??? Is there a class action suit against this company I can join???? The Company is definitely ripping people off!!!!!! John Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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