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Published: 06 February 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: VALLEY HI UNION 76 AND ALEX ..poor workmanship ripoff artist!!

My brakes went out and I called around to get estimates and I found a place that would tow my car for free. I ask him to check everything on my car because I might as well repair everything on it. After Alex gave me a est. I went to my job to get a emergency loan. He said…rack and pinion is leaking, transmission is leaking, valve cover gasket is leaking, oil pan gasket is leaking, rear brake wheel cylinders are leaking, front pad need to be replace , rear shoes need to be replace and the car needs a major tune-up. The total est was $1315.46. I went to my job and borrowed $1300.00 and told Alex to go ahead with the repairs and he could take his time. I let him keep my car almost a week and I paid him for his work….the total was $1232.13. He told me to get a wheel aleinment as soon as possible before I drove it…I left the shop and got my wheel aleinment. After that I took the car home and the next morning I had a major oil spot on my drive way. I took it back to him and told him about the oil leak and that my car keeps dying on me on the way to his shop. He told me to bring it in next week because he didn’t have time to look at it. He checked my oil and put some in it and told me to keep a eye on it. The next week I took it back a couple of times after I had the bottom steamed cleaned and he put me off…..I finally had enough and I went to firestone and paid them to check and see where the oil leak is coming from. From the inspection it was written cannot see oil pan gasket, oil leakin around silicone. I took a copy of the report and gave it to alex and told him that I paid too much money to be having problems with my car. He told me that I didn’t have to pay to have inspected that he would do it….HaHa.. Any way, I took the car the next day and dropped it off to him and told him I needed it before thursday because I go back to work. The next day he called me and told me to come and see what is leaking…he showed and told me it is my timing chain cover gasket and new front main seal. He charged me a extra 158.16 and like a dummy I paid him. My car is still dying on me and the next day after getting it out of the shop I found clear stuff on my driveway… now my powerstearing is leaking big time. I took it back to him and ask him how is this and he told me to bring it back another time and he would check and told me to keep power stearing fluid in it…..keep checking. I went to this man again and he told me he would fix for a price and that he isn’t fixing the leak. I went to this place because my rear brakes was leaking….and I didn’t have any brakes. I told him to change all four… I knew I needed a tune up and now my car is worse than ever….before it hasn’t gotten to the point that it would die on me in traffic. The oil leak wasn’t bad, but I wanted it to get done before it did get bad. Everything else I took his word on it and now I have a leaking power steering problem that wasn’t there and he refuse to fix. I didn’t have this much problems with this car before I took it too him……and all of this started because I wanted to get my car in shape to drive and see my son……WHAT A LAUGH……i HAVE ALL OF MY PAPERWORK AND COPY OF MY RECEIFT.

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