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Published: 30 September 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Waldorf Dodge 98% Liars, cheats, and enjoy demeaning customers Waldorf, Maryland!!

After some mild pulsing in the breaks, I took my AWD Journey to Waldorf Dodge and was subsequently told by Wes Elliott and his break technician (the only one they have) there was no break pads left in the front. The breaks were replaced (I paid cash) because I was too dumb not to ask to see the part. After driving off the lot my steering wheel shook violently when I braked at speeds of 45 of greater. And I noticed the breaks felt sloppy, meaning I had to push the peddle to the floor to get them to grab. I phoned Wes Elliott back at Waldorf Dodge. I was told this was a brake pad wearing in period. This violent steering wheel shaking continued for several weeks when I returned the car to Waldorf Dodge. Wes Elliott and his break technician determined the rotors had hot spots. I was told I was riding the brakes too hard by Mr. Elliott. I found this insulting as I have had many cars over the span of my life and have never had brakes replaced until 65,000 miles or greater. Regardless, the rotors were resurfaced, again I paid cash for this service). However, the steering problem was never located. Three weeks later, I returned the car to Waldorf Dodge due to the severity of the shaking steering wheel and the pulsing of the breaks. When the break technician checked the breaks, he commented my rotors were blue and then proceeded to tell me that Dodge Journeys were famous for poor breaks and rotors. He further added that I would replace them both about every 15,000 miles. Once again, more cash out the window. I was told the steering problem remained a mystery. I was asked to give it a few more weeks to allow the breaks and rotors a breaking in period and then phone back if the steering problem continued. I was told to my face by Wes and said break technician it could be the poor road conditions in our area. In addition, I was asked if I felt safe in the car. I said not really, but what choice did I have? I drove off the lot only to find my steering wheel continued to shake when the brake was applied at speeds of 45 or greater. Which brings us to the next point: the propane smell Ive had since day one with this car arrived again on a Thursday and there was what appeared to be steam and/or smoke coming from the engine. I phoned Wes Elliott at Waldorf Dodge when I arrived home around 3:00 pm. Mr. Elliott stated he could look at the car on Monday. The car was dripping brown, oil like fluid. On Monday, I was told this wasGear Fluid. Few days later Wes Elliott at Waldorf Dodge explained the PTO Unit was damaged and was replaced at a cost to Chrysler of over $800.00 – Not clear why it was necessary to inform me of the costs incurred. Couple more days,,, I went to Waldorf Dodge for a 3rd ride along for their technician to once again try to figure out the steering problem. The engine was grinding so loud, the technician told me to turn off the car. More days past, the car remained in the shop. It was determined by a capable technician (rare) the exhaust was re-installed incorrectly and was banging on the body frame. 2) the front breaks probably never needed to be replaced. 3) the front rotors were never resurfaced true to hub. The back rotors when checked by the first technician were not put back on properly now after less than 30 days they were wrapped and needed resurfacing After more than a week – picked up car from Waldorf Dodge. Went to gas station to fill up. As is typical I check the tire pressure 2 of my tires were over 52 psi…normal is 34, the other two were below 29. Odd. To top off the whole things, on the day of the ride a long, the service manager referred to me as a “b***h

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