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Published: 03 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Works of Art Cakes Horrible Cake, RUDE OWNER, very poor customer service! Killeen Texas!!

Just so yau2019ll know I donu2019t usually get on here and talk about my personal problems but I really think this one is warranted. I want all of My Friends and Family and who-ever else will listen to know what happened to me so that hopefully this doesnu2019t happen to them. As most of yall know our anniversary was Sept 12th, We started our own tradition of getting a wedding cake every year, since we didnu2019t have one at our wedding, well this year was a big flop and this was whyu2026u2026..I went to WORKS OF ART CAKES, @ 614 North 10th St, Killeen TX. At first, Mrs. Blevien, the owner, was great, she drew a picture of what I wanted and seemed to understand my Do’s and Don’ts, I specifically told her that I did not want fake flowers, because to me, they were dirty and cheap looking, I said I didn’t want real flowers because I thought they made the cake taste funny. I told her my wedding color was a deep dark blood-red, which is what I wanted the primary color of the cake, with White and Black icing Roses at a bouquet on the top and scrolling down the cake, I love lots of frosting roses, not just one or two small ones in selected parts of the cake. I also stated that I wanted fondant frosting that curved on the edges, like what you see in the fancy bridal magazines. She told me she understood. She told me that with the detail that I wanted on the cake was going to cost more because it was more like a wedding cake. I told her that was fine, I didn’t mind, I was expecting to pay a lot more to get what I wanted and I was told that she was the best. I left there happy and perfectly content to know that I left my cake in good hands…….. .Boy, was I miss-informed. I got a cake that was a pinkish orangish red, and 3 FAKE blood red with black on the tip flowers of some sort. The frosting scrolling on the side that was red didn’t even match the red of the cake, there were 2 different colors! I didn’t look professional at all, or I might’ve settled and taken the cake anyway. She tried to give me excuses of way the red wasn’t dark enough, but at our first meeting she assured me she could make it I was very specific in why and what I wanted. I told her that this cake was not what I ordered, she got upset and told me that the weather made the flowers wither and she could not put them on. She didn’t tell me that this would be an issue almost a week and a half ago when I ordered the cake. I told her that she should’ve called me to tell me of this change since it was MY cake, and not wait till the last minute when I had to pick it up. If she couldn’t make the cake as I had wanted I would’ve found someone who could. She took the cake to the back and came out with some hideous looking buttercream frosted flowers not even made of the fondant, that I had requested, that were melting, the shape didn’t even look like a rose and the color didn’t match the cake. It was horrible I was so upset, here I was at the last minute. I told her that I wasn’t happy and that this was not what I paid for. Her response to me was well, you can take it or leave it basically. I really feel that she took advantage of the fact that I would be without a cake at the last minute if I was to leave the cake. I wonder how many other people she had done this too, but had no choice but to take the cake. I told her I didn’t want it. She then gave me a personal check as repayment!! I paid with my credit card. I told her my bank didn’t except personal checks, she told me that it was a personal problem that I would have to take it to her bank. So I did just that. Not only did I have to drive all the way across town to get to her bank, but because I didn’t have an account with her bank, they charged me $5 to cash the check! I called her from the bank to let her know it was going to cost me to cash her check and she told me that was a personal problem, she couldn’t help me and hung up on me! I was so disappointed and angry at this, I called her back and left a message, she wouldn’t answer, told her that I was going to post the picture of the cake on my Facebook page and contact the BBB and let Angie’s List to know how I was treated. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else! I feel bad for any Bride who is expecting to get the perfect cake on her wedding day, of all days. I just went to HEB and got the prettiest cake they had. On the bright side HEB only charged me $20 and I saved money, To my friends and family and whoever else, If your wanting the perfect cake DO NOT GO THERE, SHE DOESNT CARE!!!! AFTER MATH: After I did what I said I was going to, I expected the ower to make a response or rebutel thats only normal. But…what I wasnt expecting was for her to Lie about me. She posted that I went back to her shop after hours and tried to break into it. That never happend. I was at home celebrating with my husband and family. She said I stopped my feet and cried. I did NO such thing. It was just a cake, and not that important. She said that she told me the disclaimers when I ordered the cake, thats not true. Because it was humad outside and I wouldve changed it up then. I was very specific in what I wanted and I made sure that she understood before I left, because I am a very picky person, She knew what I expected or I wouldnt have left happy. She told me that she had to charge me for a wedding cake because of what I wanted, that was fine, I expected to pay over 350. for it and I only paid 165. She did refund my money minus $5 that the bank charged me. I guess I got what I paid for. She said she apologized, NO SHE DIDNT. otherwise I wouldnt have taken it this far. Instead she got angry and offended that I would call her out on something that she promised and did not fulfill as a professional. She said that I called her more then 2 times and I was cussing her. No, I did not. I called her on speaker, infront of the teller at the bank, to see if she would waive the fee and give the bank premission to take it from her account. She got rude with me and started cussing me then hung up on me. It echoed through out the bank and several tellers could hear the way she spoke to me. After I left the bank I called and spoke to her voice mail. I did tell her it was the point of the matter and how she handled business, and I was going to let anyone and everyone who will listen know, what she did to me. This is why Im filling to report today. I will not be violent with her or stoop to her level, but I will let word of mouth travel in the direction that it goes. She put on her rebutel that I was doing this for sympathy or attention. I dont want anyones sympathy or attention, I dont need it. I will not be taken advantge of, and by this, I will be heard, I will have a voice and hopefully others take my advise, and not have to go through this. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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