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Published: 05 October 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Www.creditreport.com ripoff false advertisements and fraudulent business Internet Internet!!

Credit Report.com states that they can provide you with an online credit report. After putting all my information, they gave me a BS email saying they were unable to identify me and will be mailing it to me instead. Then I wrote to them that I want my money back! Well this is the email and response I got! I am applying for a home and I needed my credit report ASAP and your site happens to say that I can view it right away on line. I went to your site to access my credit report. Unfortunately, your computer system did not allow me to view it and then told me that I was not able to provide proper information. So instead of accessing my report, I now I have to wait 7 business days for it in the mail. That beats the purpose why I went to buy the report from your site in the first place. email 1: When I called your customer service line, an answering machine says that they will get back to me in 4 business days. I am not happy at all with your services. I feel screwed by you false advertisement and I feel you are providing FALSE information when you say If you need to contact our Customer Service Department , please call 1-800-720-4420 and a service professional will be AVAILABLE TO ASSIST YOU! I feel that my rights as a customer is violated and I want my money back! Their response:Thank you for contacting Creditreport.com: As stated on our website: For your security, the credit bureaus have implemented a strict authentication process that may not always allow for on line viewing of your credit report. If your identity is unable to be confirmed, a copy of your credit report will be sent to you via regular US mail. We understand the strict authentication process provided by the credit bureaus may seem frustrating, but please be aware that creditreport.com takes every precaution necessary to make sure the integrity of your personal information is not jeopardized. If your credit report was not available for online viewing, as an added convenience a copy will be mailed to you at no additional cost. Thank You [email protected] EMAIL 2: I don’t want your credit reports. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! You have not provided me with the service that you say you do. You say it was going to be available to me and it wasn’t. I GAVE YOU ALL THE PROPER INFORMATION and I feel that you are taking advantage of me as a customer and if you don’t give me my money back, I will report you to the proper authorities. THEIR RESPONSE As stated on our website: We do not accept cancellation requests via e-mail. If you need assistance in canceling an order please visit the FAQ portion of our website for cancellation procedures and further instructions. To view FAQS please visit: www.creditreport.com/gaq.asp?bhcp=1 If you have further questions please call customer service at: 800-720.4420 When I went to the URL, that’s when they tell you: THERE IS NO REFUND. Then the number that they say below, they take about 4 days to get back to you. DON”T ORDER YOUR CREDIT REPORT FROM THESE GUYS! THEY’RE CROOKS! This ia definitely bad business practice. Joseph San Bruno

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