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Published: 28 November 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Report Filed: Yark Auto in Toledo Ohio automotive tampering Toledo , Ohio!!

I need to Rant. Yell scream put me down all you want but I need to Rant. I buy a used car from Yark In Ohio. Now I know everyone is going to say Well when you buy a used car expect what you get but in this case it has nothing to do with being used it was the people who worked on the he car. 1st 4 hrs of having the car Transmission fluid and radiator fluid mixed together so I had 15 days to bring it back, by that night time I had to tow the car back to yark. That was 170 bill. 2 days latter I pick up the car 7 days latter transmission fluid is flying out from under the car and this happened 1 hr away from home. Another tow truck called. As the tow truck is lifting the car what do you know. When they fixed the car the 1st time they slit a line to add transmission fluid in because its a sealed transmission, so they sliced the line at the bottom and used a ZIP TIE to put it back together. As a women I was saying to myself what the Heck who uses a ZIP TIE to put things back together specially something to do with a transmission line. Well we were told there was nothing they could do because of the 15 day was up from time of sale. When they saw photos and proof of the ZIP TIE and there shitty work they were kissing a*s by this point. So then they fix it no problems and I even got a life time on the oil change. Sorry but if you use zip ties to put a hose together I don’t want to end up using water in place of oil. I now don’t trust them. Well another week goes by and what do you know transmission fluid all over the place again. Now what. Took it back and I picked it up today. The hose they had to replace was a bad hose they put on the 1st time so when the car got hot it melted the line. Well Now my GPS is gone, my glasses sitting on the seat that were in there case in the middle console. So I call them this is what Nick the MANAGER” Well you did buy a used car . Ok a*s wipe what does that have to do with my gps missing. He then says to me what would you like me to do about it, ? What can you do about it? Nothing . I said this is total BS He then tell me to leave swear words out of it and to be mature about it. I tell him MATURITY? Your men working on a car and rigging it up 2x and stole my GPS you call that mature. So anyone buying or thinking of buying a used car From Yark beware. I have never in my life had to rant. Everything in life is not perfect and I don’t ever think it will be but this is by far the worst screw job I ever got. Im not done with Craig list and now I’M OFF TO FIND AND DO WHAT EVERY IT IS i HAVE TO DO. This IS BAD BAD BUSINESS. I work hard I have a family to raise just like most of you. I never screwed anyone over. I’m one of those odd balls that have been good for most of my life and got nothing but stepped on because of who I am well not no more. None needs to get screwed over in this kind of life we are all facing these days. The worst part because of what they did my transmission is worse then when I got it because of it being filled then emptyed.. Now I’m stuck with a car that will most likely go soon because it does not drive the same and a 9000 bill

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